The History of Lipstick

Lipstick: protection against evil spirits or paint for ladies of the night? I take a dive into the history of lipsticks and see how this makeup has evolved over the last few thousand years!


  • Written In Blood via Rituel de Fille
  • Noir Red
  • Besame Red
  • Victory Red
  • Wild Orchid
  • Portrait Pink
  • Chocolate Kiss via Besame Cosmetics
  • Other lipsticks via Bite Beauty, Too Faced, and Kylie Cosmetics


  1. HELLO MY BBs! I'm so sorry for the late night upload, I hope you guys enjoy this strange deep dive into the history of lipsticks! Who got a notif for this video? Love, Saf

  2. Okay I gonna wear red lipgloss today ??greetings from Germany and have a nice day everyone ??‍♀️

  3. Where did you get your black lisptick? It's lovely

  4. This was actually really interesting

  5. All my friends were grossed out when they found out carmine was used in lipsticks but honestly I didn’t care, people have been using it for centuries and it seems harmless

  6. This is extremely interesting

  7. I Wish lipstick was still 10c, You know how muck better it would be and how much cheaper that tagee one would be!

  8. Never really mentioned the emo kids of the 2000's wearing black or darker coloured lipstick. Feeling a bit forgotten…

  9. I hope she does the history of eye shadow

  10. I was Recommended Video hopping, found this video from you and it automatically made me think of this video

    which I know makes me look like a promo spam bot. But it's a beautifully (and oddly somber) shot tutorial of how ye olde Chinese makeup was made. It's a little late for the History of Makeup but… hey, might make a nice "Safiya tries to make [???] dynasty era makeup"? The video credits the source though I don't know how easily you'd be able to get in contact for permission to recreate it. <3 Love the channel, keep up the great work~!

  11. Hello Safiya!!! What I admire and appreciate about you is that you do great researches and explained everything very nicely.
    You have great time pieces of your great collection of lipsticks. Big hugs and blessings from the Caribbean, Puerto Rico ?????

  12. 7:03 Baby child in the front stroller looks quite derppy (Is that how you spell it?)

  13. Cleopatra was the original Kylie Jenner

  14. I would love to see more videos like this!

  15. oh… you should look up "LBCC historical cosmetics and apothecary" on etsy. The lady there recreates old recipes for makeup from all sorts of times periods including the Regency, 18th century, Victorian, and the 1920s. She's been working on some 1930s makeup and cosmetics, too. She takes these old recipes and changes out bad ingredients like white lead and replaces them with something that won't hurt the skin. And because she tries so hard to keep her products as close to how they would have been at the time the recipe was created, a lot of the bottles and boxes are the sorts of things that reenactors keep around for their costumes and their vanity.

    There's a liquid rouge she sells called "Liquid Bloom of Roses" that I recalled seeing an old ad for while researching Regency makeup and fashion and it turns out that the same stuff was made from the 18th century and finally stopped being produced in 1950. It's basically Benetint but for only $10. And all natural. Everything she produces is as natural as she can keep it. She has a 1922 rouge that is my favorite and it's the same exact color as Besame Red. It's that carmine red-pink color. It's very pigmented and only a dab of the stuff is needed to show up on my cheeks, but then I'm also very fair. Another thing I use from her shop is a tin of white paint from the 18th century section of her etsy shop. If i'm using my usual BB cream, that paint will be the undercoat that makes my BB cream actually match my skin. She also has a powder that's my favorite; I have extremely oily skin and this powder, a 1908 recipe called "rose complexion powder" is a pink toned rice powder that will literally absorb all the oil from your face like whoa.

  16. Besame's Victory Red is my ride or die lipstick. I like doing casual cosplay of Captain America and it completes my look. But I also have noir red, besame red, red velvet, american beauty, blood red, exotic pink, dusty rose, and portrait pink.

    it's not hoarding if you intend to use every last bit of it…..

  17. were did you got that mini makeup case

  18. OK so I’m watching this show called Miss Fisher‘s murder mysteries and you mentioned the last name pressure which made me curious? Is that the same last name for her and the fishers please return my comment

  19. I loved this! Thank you Safiya ?

  20. She should be a teacher of makeupalogie

  21. I hate history but this is the best history.

  22. I watch a 3 min long ad just for you Safiya, love you!! ??????

  23. Iron oxide is literally just rust

  24. Do a video on Pakistani fashion. Brands like "khaadi", "Sapphire", "sanasafinaz" and "HSY".

  25. I can see the connection between prostitutes, dancers and actors back in older Times. I think it has something to do with them using their bodies for other's enjoyment. It's interesting how they were so looked down upon previously, but today most people look fondly on them.

  26. You should do a "I dressed like it was the 1950s video"

  27. I realized Saf wore mostly dark colors when it felt weird seeing her in red lipstick ?

  28. I really like these where I get to learn about old-timey makeup and fashion. Cool Video Safiya

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