The Nail Art Over The Last Century In Only Two Minutes

It is believed people have attempted one or another form of nail art for several thousand years. Although it only became commercially exploited during the XX century, it is believed the first forms of painting nails emerged in Ancient China as far back as 3000 BC. In those days, instead of a combination of chemicals, nails were painted by using beeswax, egg whites, acacia gum and colors provided by flower petals. have created an overview of the nail art over the last century. The fascinating video coveres the evolution of nails from 1916 until today, including every major style over the last 100 years.

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Some of the styles shown in the video might surprise you, such as this form of nail art popular in the 1930s. A red manicure with a bit of negative space near the cuticles might seem a little out of place today, but is that not the case with anything where fashion is concerned?


(Un)surprisingly, some of the styles popular in the 80s are back in the game today


The video does a great job of explaining the context of why certain nail art was popular at a certain time, such as the shiny silver nails, for example, which were huge during the 1970s, as they went well with the “disco decade” phenomenon.

Fashion junkies will love checking out the video below more than once, as in addition to learning about the history of nail art, one can find tons of inspiration that can be applied to nails today!