The Nails Queen Question and Answer Session


  1. Hey girl just started watching you. You said you learned a lot from YouTube .
    Who are your favorite people to watch on YouTube for nail techniques ?

  2. What are the name of her acrylics brushes

  3. _i appreciate your information however… to
    long to follow.. maybe do one for Spanish and one for English.. not trying to be negative just giving a little feedback///?

  4. Y que bien que le queda ser la Reina de las uñas, trabaja de los más bello.

  5. I've stopped doing nails for a few years now. so I don't know how I would replace an old color acrylic nails to a different color acrylic. what do you do, do you soak off, file off, or put new color acrylic over old color acrylic? And how do you refill a white tip that's grown and new smile line has to be created? Please help by showing a video. I have run to dead ends. And by the way, you're beautiful.

  6. Hola, quisiera saber que maquina usas? por que compre una y es de muy mala calidad!

  7. Thank you for sharing your videos, you have inspired me to start up again after not doing nails for 3 years

  8. You're a beautiful young Lady, thanks for sharing your work with us.

  9. Thank you, very helpful. I appreciate this.

  10. OMG CUANDO TE ESCUCHE ABLAR EN ESPAÑOL LO PRIMERO QUE PENSÉ FUE Bogotá Colombia , me encanta tu acento colombiano ???? HOY mire tus vídeos por primera ves y quedé fascinada por tus diceños y obvio me subscribí MUCHAS GRACIAS POR COMPARTIR ?

  11. Hay no puedo ver tu vídeo ?!!" Quiero saber qué productos usas!!" ?

  12. I really appropriate that you are willing to share with all of use because when you start doing nails you don't know where to buy our where to buy 3d art a lot of nail teach don't like telling you so thank you this is how I'm learning by watching nail teach videos you have a wonderful personality Thank you,you are a sweet heart .

  13. Your beautiful it's nice to put a face because when people talk you wonder what you look like you do gorgeous nails .

  14. Que opinas de NSI ? me parece que EZFlow es caro a comparacion de otros

  15. Hello are you accepting new clients. I would love for you to be my nail tech. I have been driving all the way to Orlando

  16. I'm in Canada, and I would love to use the same product you use. Will you be carrying it in your amaZon store? I worship your work!!!!

  17. Where is your shop? I would like for you to do my nails.

  18. Can you please tell me where you got the jewels on the Beyonce nails ? also the size and color?. Do you teach people that don't have a licence ? Love all your work !

  19. I love the work that you do! Podras hacer un video enseñando tu tecnica d limado antes y despues d aplicar el acrilico? Me encanta la forma en q quedan ? saludos desde tijuana!

  20. thanks for doing this vid. Your time is important/valuable and it's truly appreciated that you take the time to do these for free for us.

  21. where in Tampa do you get your brushes?

  22. Hola soy fan. me encantan tus videos

  23. hora y media? qué hueva! quién se sienta a ver un video tuyo de hora y media!!

  24. I've watched all your videos, you're my favorite "YouTube teacher" but now I need some more videos!! something simple as perfecting gel polish. Best gel polish on the market.

  25. Yo al revés!! Voy empezando en ésto y hago muchísimo mejor mis uñas que las de las demás personas! No se levantan, no se caen! Me quedan derechas, bien limadas y todo! Y con las Clientas no? creo que por miedo a lastimarlas, no sé! Te admiro mucho! Eres muy jovencita y talentosísima! Me encanta tu trabajo!!?? que sigas teniendo mucho éxito!!?

  26. hello.. what part of Florida are you in??

  27. Which practice hand do you use? And if you use different ones, which is your favorite or most recommended?

  28. where do u get your nail design inspiration?

  29. your awesome person love ya

  30. que Bonita eres y gracias por contestar

  31. What part of florida? i need my naiks done with you ???

  32. for the chrome wild flowers nail Academy online has the Chrome pigment

  33. what sizes of brushes you use and that you recommend

  34. I love your nails, i Live for your videos ?!! How long does it take you to do a set of nails?

  35. GRACIAS por contestar. …Una pregunta cuanto tiempo haces un full set y cuanto es el promedio de lo que cobras por uno.(se que depende del diseño..pero algo básico ..mediano un color)

  36. Yes please help me with my questions. I use tips that are full well, I see people cut the middle of the tip so all is left is the sidewall of a tip. Is it bad to use full well tips? And if so why?

  37. I been watching your chanel and that helps me alot.. I can't wait to be like you…

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