The Newest and Top Hairstyle Tutorials ♛ 2017


  1. Superb hairstyle,bt u r too fast,I couldn't copy this

  2. Beautiful work, but i wanted to see the one on the cover photo you didn't do that one 🙁

  3. i like them all very nice job

  4. These hair styles are so beautiful but can you please do it slowly and explain how to do it. Thank you.

  5. Who is sing that song..may i know pls

  6. muy lindo los peinados… alguien me puede desir el nombre de la primer música

  7. can any one plz tell me about hairspray they are using in this video

  8. блиин,как же я хочу к этому мастеру!!где они находятся,на какой планете?

  9. cada penteado mais lindo que outro, fico encantada, querendo aprender todos!! estão todos de parabéns, esse final de semana fiz uns, ficaram lindos!!

  10. Fantastic work! Which Osis hairspray do you use?

  11. You are truly talented what ever length and texture the end result is stunning. Do you used a texturising spray?

  12. The MOST NEWEST? You know that's a no-no.
    Great vid, gorgeous hair styles. I give it a 10 ++, but, take care of your grammar.
    Your headline should read: MOST NEW or THE NEWEST, or MOST RECENT. Never ever use two superlatives together. It is the equivalent of "more better". Just "sayin' ".

  13. realmente son muy bonitos pero imposibles de hacer por que los hace demasiado rápidos. Cual es el sentido del video?

  14. what hair spray are you using? Nice styling. Would enjoy slower video, less music and explanation on each style. you do great work.

  15. hermosos los peinados me encantaron!

  16. I agree…beautiful styles, but video went way too fast.

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