The Perfect Hairstyle For Transitioning From the Gym to Going Out

Don’t let your busy social life interfere with your fitness life. This holiday party season, you need those sweat sessions to stay sane and to help keep your waistline in check. We have found a great way to salvage your post-workout hair so you can transition easily from the gym to nightlife. Press play and get ready for gorgeous hair.


  1. This is not about not shower after the gym silly people!!! Obviously you shower but if you have no time to wash your hair for whatever reason then you can do something like this with your hair to save time!!!

  2. dry shampoo is meant to be put on your roots

  3. yum using sweat as your hairspray. 😉 

  4. That's gross !!!!!
    ladies please shower at least for a few minutes it's all it takes. Don't be nasty.

  5. Thanks for the vid but I'm sorry I just think that's icky to just get all decked out after being all gross and sweaty n not taking a shower after the gym .

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