The Perfect Summertime / Graduation Side Braid!!


  1. I have a graduation on Wednesday

  2. i have to say, u look really beautiful!

  3. someone stole ur video and posted it on ur channel

  4. Is this possible to do for medium length hair? My hair reaches just above my boobs XD (I'm only asking so I don't waste 10 min of my time doing this ?)

  5. I love your hairstyles. They are all amazing. I have straight hair with bangs and i don't know how to do my hair so it looks cute under the cap, without compressing my bangs to my forehead. Any help??

  6. Love it im graduating 5th grade

  7. Dammit girl, such beauty…

  8. I'm graduating in a few weeks, definitely trying this! (Even though we don't wear caps)

  9. You're freaking gorgeous. It almost makes me not want to watch your videos ?

  10. So cool! I love this hairstyle and so easy to do!! 

  11. I like how this looks super complicated but it's really easy

  12. Ur lips color so nature. Can I know what brand and color code for it? For Asian skin color, wat color do u recommend? Thanks

  13. I wore this to my graduation on the weekend. It looked great with the mortar board and it was a nice change from all the straightened hair too. Thanks for the videos <3

  14. this is fantastic! I would love to see more hair-for-under-graduation-caps tutorials!:D

  15. This is gorgeous!! I'd feel like I couldn't move my head though!! So delicate! Thanks for sharing!

  16. I love this so much and why are you so pretty?!♥


  18. Kayley, what's the lip color you're wearing? 🙂
    Awesome hair tutorial, by the way. ^.^

  19. I've tried this a couple of times, but the braid always fall out :'( and the back of the braid just doesn't look nice.. anybody any tips? x

  20. Perfect timing! I'm graduating in mid June, so this gives me enough time to practice :). Gorgeous look, thanks!

  21. You are so stunningly beautiful. 

  22. She kind of looks like Bridget Mendler.

  23. You are so beautiful!! Just like a princess to me 🙂

  24. U should add background music to your videos

  25. Every time I wanna do a big braid, I curl my hair, start braiding and then I say "Oh, the curls are so pretty. I'm gonna leave them like that" and I end up with no braid 🙂 

  26. So gorgeous! Speaking of: what are you wearing on your lips in this video? I love it!

  27. This is so pretty and different, but still wearable!! <3

  28. Its a very cool hairstyle kayley! Thank you i might use it for school, I was wondering this but whenever i do a side braid the side my braid isnt on it always gets loose or uncomfortable…do you know why?

  29. I'm so gonna use this for graduation

  30. I'm so gonna use this for graduation

  31. this would look better if i had your hair!

  32. This is so perfect for like a mermaid inspired look!! Thanks so much!

  33. I love this! I'm going to try it out tomorrow 🙂

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