The Quickest Muffin-Top Workout | Class FitSugar

Even if you only have five minutes, you can fit in an ab workout. This workout targets the obliques to tone the muffin top and will work your middle from all angles. So press play, and get ready to work it!


  1. i'm gonna try this out & update for every day.

    DAY 1 – did it twice – 11m workout. not really feeling any difference. many of the moves were hard to accomplish successfully.

    DAY 2 – didn't do – but noticed a difference

  2. God! The last one is really hard for me…

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  5. Do exercises like this help lose belly fat or just help with abs and strengthening ?

  6. Done, thank you LORD JESUS! Fun effective workout!

  7. Great workout would like to see so.e modifiers added in there tthats ok made my own for others though strike recovery for example just a thought

  8. Is it cool if I combine this with a couple of other workouts?

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  10. Anna's the best! Just the right amount of pep and excellent guidance. And she's an adorable bean.

  11. This is not humanly possible for me

  12. This was perfect!

  13. who is just watch this video in bed???

  14. That was perfect! Thank you, guys!

  15. when i try to do the creepy crawlers my pelvis makes a crunching noise im concerned for myself

  16. Go to Unflexal workouts and learn how to do workouts.

  17. Could u please tell some easy n less painful things to follow… ?

  18. You are really good at explaining how to do things in the correct form so it burns the most!

  19. You can tell it work cause of her transition and how she's breathing

  20. So this is where Taylor from the OC ended up…

  21. Anna is awesome. So motivating and fun 🙂 thank you! Anna, you're my go-to instructor.

  22. I made it to 2mn today… awesome!!!!

  23. all this does is ache my arms ? how am I doing it wrong ?

  24. I feel like I'm doing this wrong

  25. I could barely do this but I'm still gonna do it every time I workout because I wanna get better?

  26. Just did this excercise video 3 times in a row… rip xD

  27. feel like by the time i knew each move had changed i'd missed doing the move

  28. It is not hard but I am sweaty after this workout… Thanks,Anna.You are great

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