The Scary Truth About What’s Really Making You Sick When You Fly

The sound of the guy sneezing behind you three rows back is pretty gross, but he’s probably not the reason you’re getting sick from flying. With Summer in full swing and travel plans on the horizon, this video is a must see if you want to protect yourself from all the germs and viruses that are stowing away on your plane.


  1. im taking clorox wipes oh hell no. i dont like getting sick. i'll be using any germ-x i have or things like that

  2. Makes absolute sense. I always get sick when I fly.

  3. wow my anxiety and ocd are going to have a field day with this…

  4. can I just wear medical gloves?

  5. Wow! Paranoia ahoy! Thanks for that…? 😉

  6. my noes actually starts to bleed on flights  heard it due to the dry air   but that makes me wanna clean n touch my face every 5 mins  n i do go in flights that at 10+ hours. Next time i will be cleaning my seat n  will take some rubbing alcohol with me!

  7. That's some crazy shit! But e. Coli is no joke. Why not just sanitize/wash your hands before you eat and don't touch your face – it should keep any pathogens from being transmitted

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