The Scientific 7-Minute High-Intensity Workout

You’re busy, and the American College of Sports Medicine knows this, so it created a seven-minute, high-intensity workout for you to squeeze as much sweat as you can out of a short exercise session. To truly reap the benefits of this fitness quickie, the ACSM recommends doing three reps of the workout. Get prepped with a mat and chair, since there are some step-ups coming your way. Press play and follow along as we lead you through the 12 moves.


  1. Love how the instructor gives specific instructions to go full range, transition to modified, and the girl is still only doing partial range…..Stay on your knees young lady and go full range!


  3. I Love This……Lost 10 LBS in just 7 minutes!!!

  4. Estes vidios em inglĂȘs vc poderia ter legenda ou tradução em portuguĂȘs. NĂŁo Ă© todo mundo que fala ou ler inglĂȘs.

  5. this work out perfectly I lost 170pound know I Weight 130 what I use to weigh back in my high school year and I'm 22 still young

  6. this is the same as the 7 minutes workout app, check it out

  7. Wish you'd add a clear "START" or "GO"! It's hard to know when to start

  8. its. so simple and it worked just like that….lost 17 kg in 3 week

  9. The girl on the right didn't so a single exercise correctly. Way to go!!

  10. What's the recommended number of days per week to do this?? So as to have optimum effect .

  11. Nice High Intensity workout for beginners.  You really feel it in your legs!

  12. I got the free App "7 Minute Workout" on my phone, and it really helped me slim down this summer 

  13. I've been doing this quickie workout to warm-up before a run. It's a great way to wake up the body. I love it. Thank you!

  14. I'm guessing you can't do this using a spinny chair

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