The Ultimate UNICORN nails! (Unicorn window to your soul)

Do you wanna be a unicorn? Keep trying, but your nails can! See how to create an iridescent magical UNICORN WINDOW TO YOUR SOUL using 100% ethically harvested unicorn skins! Locally sourced! Fair trade! 100% ethical humanitarian unicornarian grown!



  1. WYR never see amy type of holo or never see another type of unicorn

  2. Before the "What's on my Other Hand?" segment, your nails were red. THEN BLUE XD I was so confused for a few minutes. ??❤️

  3. Make them holo force stay with u!!!

  4. Hey I had an idea.

    I wonder if you used one of the peeled nail polishes from your bad and then traced it on paper? Then you would have a cut out size for any nail art you wanted to use?

    Sorry if someone else already suggested this I did feel like reading all the comments to check!

  5. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  6. This are the most beautiful nails that you ever done on your channael

  7. Back when cristine actually made nail art….

  8. "No unicorns were harmed In the making of this video"

  9. If you are russian then I KNEW IT YOU LOOK LIKE A RUSSIAN GIRLLL!!!!!!

  10. Omg unicorn skin.. noooooo this is ANIMAL CRUELTY D:

  11. I did this and a unicorn ? bashed through my wall…

  12. I have flat and 1 curvish nail… so flip

  13. What if instead of applying the unicorn skin to your whole nail, if you only applied it to where the unicorn head would be, so the nail would be more smooth

  14. Annnnd here is another video I have never seen before!! How is it possible I've never seen this

  15. whoops
    i've been watching Cristine for 4 hours

  16. Way to get views:put unicorn in the title.

  17. Why did you put the unicorn skin cause you can see the unicorn skin

  18. Hey Christine I was watching life hacks for kids and this girl did a watermarble and it looks like one you would do and I was looking at the comments and somebody said where is the holo but srsly where was da holo ?????

  19. I don't understand why she didn't cut the unicorn skin the size of the little unicorn head window.

  20. Sprinkle sprinkle unicorn dandruff ???

  21. I made a door hanger out of your design???

  22. Why not just cut a piece of unicorn skin big enough for the vinyl, since you won't see the rest of it under the pastels? Would that work? Just curious…

  23. do the design on beeeeeeen. he has flat nails right?..

  24. The unicorn head wouldn't even fit on my nails there soo short

  25. Dipping the unicorn skin in asitone helps

  26. You could probably use an embossing heat gun thingy!

  27. Cristine I love UNICORNS AND THANK YOU FOR THIS ????????????

  28. How da fuq is she gonna take that off…

  29. Why are you holosexualand what is nail porn

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