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Fitness is an important part of a healthy life. And stylish, functional gear that supports your workouts makes those sweat sessions even more enjoyable. That is why we have partnered with maurices on this 10-minute warmup. Before you hit the ground running or pick up your first dumbbell, you need to warm up. Getting the blood flowing with a little cardio and dynamic stretching preps your muscles and joints for a better, more effective workout. And do we have a warmup for you! This 10-minute video prepares you for any workout, helping to prevent injury and post-workout soreness. Press play to get your sweat session started.


  1. I just started to do some exercise. This is the best warm-up indeed. Thank you so much

  2. Poop, I forgot that it was on 1.25 speed, so for some few "exercises" I was just woah, this is some faaaast workout

  3. What kind of headband is that? Love this warmup!

  4. Thanks! Great gentle warmup–my lower body is sore from yesterday's workout from this channel, but these movements felt great!

  5. this could be a work out though………….

  6. Anna you're so sweet. I do this warm up every day and it's great when your workout becomes a stress- relief 🙂

  7. Random thought : Anna should totally be nominated for Dancing With The Stars 😀

  8. Warm up: good, but seems more like a form of exercise
    Work out: One Punch Man, training up to do it.

  9. A good active warm up before I hit the weights.

  10. This warm up is so easy i love it! normally my heart starts pounding so aggressively that i can't continue "the warm up" ..this is moderate???

  11. tall me witch tipe jins or legi you are wearing

  12. I love this warmup it's so fun

  13. i like challenges…. like burpees challenge 100x a day…

  14. Excellent and comprehensive warm up. I use it a lot, Thank you!

  15. Thank you it was amazing, now I'm heading to 30-Minute Fat-Blasting Workout and abs routine
    and I love the suggestions in the end! Popsugar is the best <3

  16. How many calories are burned for this workout??!?!

  17. That was amazing, I loved your fun uplifting vibe!

  18. It's not a warm up……

  19. I'm so in love with this warm up. I do it before any work out routine and it has been my favourite so far. Thank u! Looking forward to any cool down workout from ur channel <3

  20. Ohh yaaaahhh!!!!, I wanted to do Jumping Jills!!! ???

  21. I do this warm up before my workouts it's pretty good

  22. Published in 2014???? And i'm watchinh in 2017???who else??

  23. Ah this was my favourite warm up ever!!

  24. how many calories is lost with this warm up?

  25. I LOVE this warm up! It really does hit every muscle group!

  26. "Warm warm warm up – yeah!

  27. The warm up is a workout! Thanks!

  28. I have been doing this as a workout for 2 months now. It is definitely made me last longer when playing football.

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