TheNailsQueen Acrylics Soak Off

Need ideas for your nails? Want to learn the art of acrylic nails? Then, I recommend that you…

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  1. The design that is on your client's nails, is there a video for it? That is such a cute design. <3

  2. Hola soy de Ecuador me encanta lo q haces y he aprendido mucho de ti pudieras subtitular en español los vídeos sería genial porfa

  3. is there a reason you dont do refills?

  4. muchas gracias asi tambien lo ago yo TFS

  5. I know this is an old video but why don't you apply a thin layer of clear acrylic before you begin your design to prevent staining?

  6. Could you plz do a video on how you did that cheetah print design on the middle finger it was amazing. I love your work !!!!!

  7. Whoops are they ** oval, flat, or round ?
    Thanks 🙂

  8. On your brushes are the oval, round, or flat ?
    Thank you.

  9. Can you do a video on a client who has existing acrylic encapsulated design who wants a refill with another encapsulated design? Would like to see the removal process of old and reapplication of new especially towards the tip area.

  10. Do you soak off every time, or
    Do you do fills and backfills too?

  11. what do you find is the best acetone to use?

  12. Pleaaassseee do more videos!!! ?

  13. Amazing!! I've been requesting this! Thank u so much!! On average how long does it take you to do a full set? Including soak off time??

  14. That's fantastic! I had never seen it done this way.

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