TheNailsQueen Blocking Technique

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  1. dang girl. your are awesome. your are the nail queen. don't worry about the haters. they are just envious of your talent. ?

  2. When clients come in wanting a new design, would you soak all of that and start over?

  3. Where did you get the acrylic glitter from?

  4. What brand and color was that acrylic you used right off the bat to start your 1st block? Ive been looking for a good cover color for my nail bitter clients (acrylic & hard gel).

  5. please do more videos I love your technique

  6. I love your work…my question is when they come in for a fill what do you do?? Soak all them off?? Drill everyone off?? Not specifically on this set but mostly on every set you do…

  7. What Champaign glitter acrylic is that? It's beautiful!

  8. you are such a natural at laying acrylic. would love to see you upload more!!

  9. Where do you get your hand from…. I have the fingers but they are individuals so I have been looking for the hand which I can't find

  10. YOU ARE AMAZING!! So glad i found your channel! I have been wondering how this was done for a while now!

  11. how do I get that exact glitter pattern on your nails what colors are they

  12. Hey, what brand of colour acrylic do you use 🙂

  13. AMAZING ?? I love the fact that you use acrylic instead of nail polish and I knew that it could be done but some nail Salons don't want to I guess waste their powder or something that's why I decided to do my own I'm a beginner and I hope one day I can create great designs and nails like yours as definitely subscribing I also love how you show how you dip your brush and how you grab the acrylic in all thanks for sharing your talent your awesome?

  14. Are your nails supposed to look that way with the negative space at the top?  Or do they just need a fill?  Either way I think they look really cool like that!

  15. How thick do you make your nails? I'm a new nail tech and it seems like all my nails end up being different thicknesses and I'm not sure how thick they should be.  They didn't teach us jack shit at my school!

  16. What's the name of the topcoat that you use?

  17. Could you do more of these i love it!

  18. I love this design. I always wondered how color-blocking was done on nails. How is this done with nail forms?

  19. Thumb up cause it was very nice and crisp! HOWEVER you should of mentioned (for your beginner followers) the used of the blade because it was the trainer and not an actual finger, as I'm sure you know you NEVER use that on a real person to prevent an accident :)…by the way, I just started following you, you do very pretty work 🙂

  20. Hi
    Love your nails Video…can u do a tutorial on how you make the acrylic Ball.. & what products you use…?

  21. I love that black and gold mix! Did you make it yourself?

  22. Please make more videos! <3

  23. Great video! Can i ask, what nail drill do you use & where did you purchase this from? x

  24. Love your videos ! We need more

  25. You are a very secure woman who isn't afraid to share her knowledge and craftsmanship. Bravo! More videos please!

  26. The Nails Queen Blocking Technique.. Totally Gorgeous Nails

  27. If my client wants a extended nail, how would I do this on a form? Should I do a thin clear base first? In clear acrylic

  28. thanks so much for sharing I've been wanting to try this but didn't know how!!!
    Silly question I know but how exactly do you dull the blade?

  29. Thank you so much for sharing this! You are amazing!

  30. Good job! ! Like always. … +The Nails Queen ke número de lima usaste primero???

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