TheNailsQueen Cracked Ice Nail Tutorial

Hello everyone,
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  1. Is there any way to achieve this look on the full nail and not just the free edge?

  2. U want to get acrylic powder by trucolor that's what the professionals use 🙂 better than CnD

  3. Beautiful! only thing is I would want a less opaque pink acrylic near my cuticle

  4. Hi Nail Queen. Where did you get the practice hand?

  5. What did say she used to make the stained glass look? I could not understand her.

  6. I dislike alot when plp try to teach english grammar or similar stuff. PLS if you want to help someone send an inbox dont go on public trying to act like an ESL teacher or something.


  7. Love it!! so great thanks for sharing

  8. Very beautiful! But I couldn't help wishing that the smile line was a lot deeper!

  9. Hello! I have a question: can you do the same design (with the foil) with gel? Here you use acrylic and I think gel gives you a better glass like affect!

  10. How did you learn to do nails so well?! Are you qualified or self taught?

  11. how would you do the cracked ice nail with Gel??

  12. hermosisimas todasss intentare acerlas yo se qme saldran gracias a qien subio el video!!???

  13. AWESOME!!! you really have talent and we all have days our own nails can't be perfect!! lol

  14. Hey love what camera do you use now? 🙂 xx

  15. you did a beautiful job

  16. where can go to get my nails done…in Phx.

  17. beautiful tutorial, very unique design

  18. I like ur worki it's excellent I just can't stand the hand thing creeps me out u can't find a girl that wants her nails done ? Great work great directions,great eye,great technique

  19. love love love your work! is flawless! your videos are so informative and the nails you do are unique. thanks for sharing your talent and knowledge!

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