These Nail Trends Of 2017 Should Seriously Disappear

It’s 2017 already and we are making some of the worst mistakes that our hands have ever seen in the history of the manicure. Trends come and go but seriously though, these styles listed down below should not even make it to “trends.” I am shocked how people would actually decorate their nails in this way. Below, you can see some of the designs that we will never, ever support. Take a look and tell us what you guys think.

1. Rounding monstrosities

I mean, how can you even function with these?


Source: Instagram | @govnogti

2. Furry nails

Oh my god, are you a werewolf? Then, stop!


Source: Instagram | @sheadbeauty

3. Icicle nails

We shouldn’t even be thinking about this one if Elsa and Anna aren’t sporting these either. Please, let it go.


Source: Instagram | @govnogti

4. Hell, no!

A tragic excuse for a manicure!


Source: Facebook | World Wide Web

5. Plant life

We love plants in every aspect possible, but this is too much. Seriously though.


Source: Instagram | @arozona

6. A pedicure for vampires much?

Why even bother?


Source: Instagram | @govnogti

7. A bit much

This pedicure leaves me speechless. I can’t even!


Source: Instagram | @govnogti

8. Say cheese!

That phrase should be said for pictures only.


Source: Instagram | @queen_t1313

9. Stay current with emojis!

Just… leave them in your smartphones. Can you?


Source: Instagram | @nailwolfie

10. Thick

Oh so thick…


Source: Instagram | @gelnailsgoldcoast

11. Rainbow

Seriously though, the messiest rainbow nails on earth.


Source: Instagram | @allison_day_universe

12. These might be the saddest candy canes in the game

Don’t you agree?


Source: Instagram | @nails.n

13. Snow globe nails

Can we just leave this one in the souvenir shop?


Source: Instagram | @arualnailsbylaura

14. Pom-pom nails

Weird much?


Source: Instagram | @barnardos_vintage

15. Duck nails

To go with your duckface?


Source: Instagram | @h_bear_rt