This Fierce Trainer Is Blending Ballet With Boxing

If anyone’s ever said you weren’t good enough to reach your goals, you’re not alone. Once a young ballerina in training, boxing fanatic Julie “Jaws” Nelson was consistently told she just didn’t have what it took to dance alongside the best. That’s when she decided to make a turn. Using her fine-tuned discipline and natural artistic technique, she now fuses her two passions together to cross-train and shine in the boxing ring. Watch the video above to see how her setbacks motivate her to keep moving forward.

We’ve partnered with adidas Training to show that the possibilities are endless when you work hard and push yourself.


  1. I'm a few months late here, but I'm still chiming in to add my vote for a workout video featuring her. She is very inspirational! Thank you for this short trailer-style clip. It looks like a bunch of us would love to see a workout video with her, so please do make it happen!

  2. I need to see this workout! Ballet and Kickboxing cardio are mine favourite workout of all time!

  3. Amazing!! This video made me miss ballet and color guard
    and also want to learn something new.

  4. Thought it was going to be a workout. Would have been awesome. Hint hint…

  5. she looks fantastic
    i agree
    please do a workout with her taking into consideration people who may not a ballet background

  6. Dang I got excited thinking it was a workout!! Anna please do a workout w her!!!! What a beautiful girl!

  7. Sooo when can I expect a workout video : )

  8. This seems like a terrific background for boxing. Ballet dancers are tough!

  9. PLEASE DO A WORKOUT VIDEO WITH HER!!!! She is amazing????

  10. Wow I'd love for this lady to have her own YouTube channel with training videos!!!!!!!

  11. please do a workout video with her !!

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