Tie-Dye Hippie Nail Art

I love you guys so much! Here is another Tie-Dye manicure! Enjoy 🙂


  1. I don't have a problem with the last tie-dye design, but I think it wasn't what most people were expecting when they read 'tie-dye', and I think that's why people were upset.

  2. Dont worry all of your designs are pretty

  3. This is so cute, but I think I'm gonna try this with pastel colors, and use Black for the peace sign instead of white. ^_^

  4. I love this design, but is there more ways to do it?

  5. Some people just hate because they can't do a simple design I can do most of your designs but if I can't do it I try to redo it. Some people also hate cause they are having a bad day ?☺️

  6. Everybody saying that this one is better then the last one is not helpful because she will still feel bad about the last one duh. Ps it still counts saying the last one is better

  7. It still looked Awesome, haters just don't know what they're talking about

  8. I actually preferred the other one. They were both really cool, but the first one looked more like an actual tye-dye shirt

  9. i dont like this disign lol it is the best can you do a winnie the pooh disign

  10. I love both  of them and they are my go-to nail designs! Don't listen to the hate!!

  11.     I am sorry, i did not like your last one. like i didn't not like your last one… wait, okay i liked your last one! i just feel bad you were hurt with the mean comments. your right. people can be mean! You got a new subscriber! <3 <3 <3                                                                                                                                   

  12. Very Pretty cutepolish 🙂 And I loved your last Tie-Dye design to! 😀
    You are very Talented! 

  13. people can be so mean. its nice that u recorded another video for those who had a problem with the 1st one. but there was absolutely nothing wrong with it, i really liked it. i think peoples negativity feeds off one another. i dont think that many peoples' neg. response was truely about the nail design.

  14. Those are the prettiest nails I've ever in my whole entire life keep it up I love tye-dye !!!!! =D

  15. yu inspire me i just wanted to say thankyou nd i hope yu keep doing more vids. 
    i love yur nailart 

  16. She sounds so sad ? why did you all make her feel that way? Ugh, haters

  17. let them hate there just never going to be as talented as her. Screw all the people that hate on her we all love you +cutepolish 🙂 that's why we come see your videos:) <3

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