Tiffany Blue Diamond Nails + BIG NEWS!

A gorgeous, sparkling mix & match nail art design using the stunning nail polish color, Tiffany blue! This manicure is perfect if you’re looking to give your nails a bright pop of color and glitter!


Thank you so much for watching! Love you guys ❤


  1. could you please suggest a cute pedi to go with this mani? Thank you. xo

  2. You are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful !!!!!!!

  3. Because glue damages my nails

  4. can u use top coat instead of glue?

  5. Can you please do a quilted nail look or a mermaid design ❤

  6. Omg I love breakfast at tiffanys I'm having a breakfast at tiffanys sweet 16 ????

  7. тнєу αяє αωєѕσмє

  8. I like the one that has a ribbon

  9. Where did you get that type of blue?

  10. LOVE IT AWESOMEEEE LOVE IT LOVE IT ?❤️???????? Beautiful!

  11. My brothers wedding is gonan be in september and the colors are tiffany blue and of course white so i am defenitly gonna do this design on my nails that day

  12. I did this and it looked beautiful ur so talented

  13. awesome mind blowing can't talk

  14. Love these nails!? But not just only cause it's my name lol

  15. were did you get that blue

  16. plz do a nail art design of MATTYB !♡♡♥

  17. can you please do a mint pink and gold nail art?

  18. Can you please teach us how to make One Direction nail art please ❤

  19. Tiffany blue is my favorite color


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