Tips and Tricks: How to Bobby Pin a Bun!

You asked for it! Here are all my tips and tricks on how to bobby pin a bun!

This is my sequel to my bobby pin basics hair tutorial. You all requested how to bobby pin a bun, so I wanted to give you all my little hacks for tight workout buns and messy buns. Let me know what bobby pin tricks you want to learn next!


  1. I just started hair school and I can't stress how amazingly helpful your vids have been.

  2. Wish I had seen this before I cut my dip dyed pink hair! My buns could have been so much better.

  3. Am i the only one who feels like I'm constantly yanking on my hair when i attempt to use bobby pins? (I can never do it in a way that's comfortable ?)

  4. Can you please do a tutorial on your makeup of this video? It looks amazing ?

  5. Hi Kayley! This tutorial CHANGED my bun game!!! Thanks so much for creating this video! ? Super helpful and relatable!

  6. I've been following you since the beginning and you're getting more awesome with Kayley time! I love your videos and the way you teach us, you're my favorite youtuber ever! You always look so kind!

  7. You are very intelligent, thank you.

  8. perfect for dancers
    why do i already know all of these

  9. I have a problem: I can not find bobby pins on my hair….

  10. When you can't even do a bun…

    I have a problem

  11. OMG tutorial on your messy bun please!
    My messy bun ends up a hot mess, but yours is totally cute ?

  12. Look how muscular her arms are I'm shook

  13. ? why is my hair so freaking thick it's so anooying I can't do a bun without it falling out every time I run

  14. I need some help. I love wearing my hair in buns, but it's at an awkward length where bits and pieces stick out, and I have no clue what to do.

  15. Okay but what is your lipstick?!

  16. Anybody else needs a tutorial on the bun in the beginning of the video?

  17. Why doesn't have a million views already? Soooo useful, thanks Kayley! ?

  18. wow this was truly very helpful. thank u xx

  19. Hey Kayley, How do you feel about Spin Pins? I Love Mine for workout Buns.

  20. I tried out the sewing method on a low messy bun and oh my god! Normally I have to keep redoing my bun through out the day but it stayed put!! Your bobby pin game is strong girl ??

  21. I think it is gonna be quite a task while removing the Bobby pins out from your hair!

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