TIPS to LOSE WEIGHT During The School YEAR !!

Hello Loves! Today I will be sharing with you guys my tips to stay healthy and lose weight during the school year! I will be showing you my back to school fitness routine and a healthy break idea for back to school. I hope you enjoy and this gives you fitness motivation


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  2. Can you share your playlist please???

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  9. Yess best collaboration ever love u guys both thanx so much xoxo

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  13. Her: don't skip breakfast
    Me: oops
    Her: pack your lunch
    Me: oops
    Her: walk to school if you can
    Me: oops
    Her: bring healthy snacks
    Me: oops
    Etc. Basically I've been doing everything wrong?

  14. I really don't want to anything near my school that's may draw attention. I've always been fat even since I was a baby. I have tried to lose weight before but people make such a big deal. Then people put you in the spotlight and all. I really just want mine to be private. Sure people will notice, but at least not so fast. I really hate attention. I don't know I just get very embarrassed. Then after I know people will start complementing and saying congratulations. I honestly hate that. I'm just in it to be more comfortable. I often feel very uncomfortable being big.

  15. I eat only healthy things at lunch but my friends don't so it makes me want to sometimes uggghhh . Any tips to help?

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  17. During the school year I don't eat a lot I do track and u eat pretty healthy stuff and I walk to school but I'm still one of the heavier girls in school I guess I'm 5 3 120 lbs an I'm 12

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