Tips & Tricks To Get The Perfect, Long-Lasting Manicure!


  1. a woman that trims her nails and trims the other, ohh. lol. it is attractive to men.

  2. Czy możecie polecić jakieś aplikacja do rozwijania kanały?

  3. They could have given you better polish to work with that one is so streaky. You still made it look great though.

  4. Thanks Hannah…for this vidi n tips n trick love fr.Indonesia ?❤❤??

  5. How long do you wait for your nails to dry?

  6. thank you for the help hannah love you

  7. I've got small nail beds. When I take a look at your videos, I feel so embarassed looking up on my nails. Please give me some tips to grow my nail beds longer and stronger.
    Thank You!!!

  8. Thanks Hannah, I am going to try the pinky and or rubber band when painting my dominant hand with my non dominant hand.

  9. what company is it , nice color

  10. Nice video. Thanks for the tips Hannah! ???


  12. Watching you paint your nails is so therapeutic.

  13. that is a really helpful one hannah…!!!? thank u soo much??

  14. Are all her vids sponsored now…?

  15. how do you get rid of your cuticles?

  16. hi hannah… how r ur nails so perfect. they're an inspiration to me. u and ur nails make my day….perfection♥♥♥

  17. Thanks for the tips. I try to go along with these except I still shake my polishes, I just cant seem to break myself of that habit. Also I've never added another layer of top coat every other day I will try doing that the next time I paint my nails.

  18. Wow! So many great tips! I found them really helpful!

  19. your hands are beautiful! you should be a hand model. thanks for yet another great tutorial ?

  20. Thanks so much for the tips Hannah. I loved this, thanks!!

  21. Loved! Seriously loved the video and the tips ☺️

  22. I really liked this video, your nails have a very nice shape! <3

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