Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette Eye Makeup tutorial


⇢ MAC Soft Ocher Paint pot
Annytude Sultry Lashes
⇢ Toofaced sweet peach palette

⇢ Inglot gel eyeliner
⇢ Mr Write Pencil by theBalm Cosmetics
⇢ Benefit Cosmetics Bad Gal Bang Mascara


  1. Hey friends! ❤ Welcome back to my YouTube Channel! Finally here's a video using the Toofaced sweet peach palette. I know i'm super late with finally trying out this palette but hopefully this video will give some inspiration to those who own this palette! Much love ❤❤

  2. I adore the Sweet Peach palette, "Just Peachy," and "Bellini" are the two colors that REALLY sold me on it! <3

  3. Beautiful as always! Love love love this look!

  4. This is so stunning! 🙂 I hope you know that your makeup is perfection, I mean that literally!! 🙂

  5. Can you do a look using the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk palette

  6. Really a beautiful eye look!

  7. Excellent ?

  8. Hi! Thanks for this beautiful tutorial. But when you use Caramelized and Talk dirty to me you show with the arrows Candied Peach and Delectable. So do I have to follow the arrow because you didn't say the right name (the right one is at the top of each shadow) or do I have to follow what you say because yours arrows are not well-placed? Yhanks for your help! 🙂

  9. Love the look. Do a drugstore look please??

  10. Do u know how to do a winged liner for hooded eyes??

  11. hey babe, u didn't use Caramelized… u used Candied Peach =)

  12. Can you do a pallet with too faced white chocolate pallete please?

  13. You make it look so easy ? I’m Amazed by your talent!!!

  14. I really look forward to your videos. Love this look too.

  15. (⌐■_■)✌… Thanks for sharing with us!!

  16. Best Sweet Peach Tutorial. Ur so Beautiful with every look u create. Affordable makeup would be great.

  17. I got a little bit confused with the eyeshadow names but beautiful look ❤️

  18. Another beautiful look Ann …. So pretty!!! ?????

  19. I can t waitttttttt ???❤️ you are amazing

  20. Hi an beautiful eye look, I have this palette and never thought of using this colour combo before very beautiful!!! One thing I wanted to point out was @ 1:59 you said you were using caramelized but your white arrow was pointing to candied peach I noticed this happened twice in the video, it was confusing to follow just wanted to give you a heads up so your aware for future videos otherwise you are totally awesome!!! Thank you for sharing keep up the AMAZING work we all love you!!!!

  21. Hi Ann love this look, ur blending is flawless!! Watching you from when you started and just checked how many subscribers you have now. OVER 600,000 Congrats. So glad your channel has been noticed as your really good ? xxxx

  22. I love this, can't wait to recreate it ?

  23. You are an artist. Absolutely beatiful

  24. Like magic! Please do drugstore as well

  25. Absolutely stunning! I tried my best at recreating this look today and I think I did pretty well as I've received lots of compliments, however, all the credit goes to you. TY for creating such amazing looks and easy to follow tutorials! You're awesome and so talented!

  26. Can't wait for your next video!!??

  27. انت فنانه ??????

  28. You are brilliant makeup artist..I am big fan of you

  29. Iam from pakistan.i daily watch and try to learn eye makeup but fail.because i have not same blending brushes

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