Want to know what 10 things you NEED in your closet? Want to know what basics you should build your closet around? Here are my top ten wardrobe essentials! Give this video a thumbs to let me know if you like it!

hey guys! Today’s video is all about the basic pieces that are your wardrobe essentials. Trends come and go but these are pieces that you can build your closet around. These pieces work great on their own, paired with each other and can be worn in so many different outfits. These are great staples to have in your closet + are essential to building the closet you’ve always wanted! Today I’m going to be sharing with you what my top ten things are that you need in your closet- keep in mind the pieces that I’m showing are from my closet / match my personal style, so feel free to adjust and use these tips to match your own style and your closet.


  1. A great fitting pair of jeans
  2. A loose t shirt
  3. A hat [can be any kind of hat- beanie, baseball hat, etc]
  4. A go to dress [can be a LBD / little black dress, anything that makes YOU feel great]
  5. A layering jacket
  6. A turtleneck
  7. Comfortable but stylish shoes [I personally love ankle boots, but you can wear ballet flats, gym shoes- whatever fits your style]
  8. A structured top
  9. A striped top
  10. A sweater

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  1. You just described my entire wardrobe–of course, I have my own versions of these pieces and my idea of a timeless turtle neck is the ubiquitous v-neck for all my tops. It's a short neck thing, you wouldn't understand.

  2. thanks for this tip carly! seriously i love all your vid and tips!! ❤❤❤

  3. i have none of those things….

  4. Your clothes slayyyyy ! I just created the same topic video ??

  5. You truly look like a despicable me character ♡

  6. Yes I loved turtlenecks and I literally got made fun of ?

  7. Can you tell me where did you buy the lose t shirt please?❤️

  8. I love how everything is blAck white and grey ?

  9. omg are the majority of your clothes black and white? Doesn't that make you depressed?

  10. Is anyone else having trouble finding a loose fitting shirt that looks like the one in her video? 🙁

  11. About turtlenecks .. omg you speak my soul !

  12. If you are a heavy set girl I suggest vertical stripes because it give the illusion of a smaller figure

  13. Carly you are amazing person and I love your sense of fashion what fashion tips would you give for a girl that's more on the curvy side 🙂 thanks

  14. i love her ankle boots where are they from ?

  15. After watching 5 of your videos in a row I was like I NEED to subscribe.

  16. You've got such a great style! Thank you for this video 🙂

  17. "If you wanna namastay on my channel"… This woman is hilarious!!!

  18. i prob do need this stuff but im broke lmao

  19. love the boots…!!   where to buy..?

  20. omg…your are soo skinny*-* what that to

  21. Where is the black and white striped turtleneck from? THXXXXX

  22. Skinny jeans make you skinny if you are ALREADY skinny

  23. From where are your absolute lovely shoes? ?

  24. You make so much awesome videos <3

  25. black skinny jeans are UGLY.
    90's Baggy JNCO jeans 4eva!!

    early 00's fashion 4eva!

  27. I'd say you need some colour in yours.

  28. Love your videos and just subscribed? you're really inspiring for me:)

  29. I just discovered your Chanel, and I love you.

  30. Thank Buddha I went out of my comfort zone for senior year! I've purchased at least one of everything mentioned in this video! I love my new simple yet styled look! Thanks girl!

  31. Omg your apartment is so opulent!! Dig your style girlfriend!

  32. Okay but where is that sweater from?!

  33. We're did you get the structured top?

  34. Could you please make a video of what would look good on fat people? Please, some tips would be very helpful!

  35. THIS IS SO HELPFUL!!! I wish I have found your channel a lot sooner. been binging the fashion videos today

  36. OMP THIS IS SO HELPFUL!!! I wish I have found your channel a lot sooner. been binging the fashion videos today

  37. OMP THIS IS SO HELPFUL!!! I wish I have found your channel a lot sooner. been binging the fashion videos today

  38. I'm a new subbie and omg I'm already in love with your channel

  39. "a structured top is a great piece for any closet" shows lose fitting square shaped shirt……I'm a little confused here. Don't get me wrong I like the top and love all her ideas but I don't see how that particular top qualifies as a structured top.

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