Want to see what trends you should be wearing this fall? Here are my top 10 picks of what you need in your closet for fall + how I would wear them in different outfits! Let me know if you liked this video by giving it a thumbs up and leaving me a comment!

hey guys! Fall fashion is my absolute favorite and I’m so excited about all of the new pieces I’ve been adding to my wardrobe this season. I thought I would film a video showing you what my favorite trends are for fall are as well as how I would style each of them in different outfits. Here are my top ten things you need in your closet for fall! Fall definitely has staple trends: cozy sweaters, darker nail colors, etc. I wanted to stick to showing newer trends that you could add into your closet / ways to step up your style. This season has some great new pieces + I hope this video could help you if you were looking to elevate your style or add something new to your closet.


Feel free to interpret these your own way, I’ve also linked what I was wearing if you liked those specific pieces]

  1. Hat [my hat is leather brimmed]
  2. Sweater Dress [I have been LOVING this one with the jagged hem]
  3. Vans
  4. Backpack
  5. Chunky Sweater [wear a traditional one or an awesome sweater jacket]
  6. Black Jeans [I love mine ripped]
  7. Ankle Boots [mine are SO COMFORTABLE]
  8. Fringe [fringe skirts, details etc are huge. I like it combined w my next trend!]
  9. Poncho [any kind of wrap / poncho sweater is big for fall]
  10. Sleeveless long vest [mine is from topshop!]


  1. how did you film like that ,it looks amazing

  2. Your loft freakin slays me it's so cute!!!!!

  3. Vid is freaking awesome! ☝️

  4. Sleeveless vest?? When have you seen a vest with sleeves?

  5. I really liked this video

  6. Where is the fringe poncho from?!!

  7. What is that place with the balls? Loved it!

  8. wow this video was breath taken I c how much work u put in , love d distance scene at d 10th item
    newly subscribed

  9. Keep up the good work . Love your style

  10. gorgeous video, But music is a little bit annoying

  11. how did you get those shots? ?

  12. seriously……you speak fast for?

  13. I love following your fashion videos because you totally have my fashion color scheme of black grey, white or just neutrals! And you happen to make everything look chic! So keep making fashion videos! 🙂

  14. This video is amazing !! Congratulations !!

  15. Can you do a video for top 10 things you need in your closet: spring/summer?

  16. "Vans"


    im so sorry 😛 great vid though

  17. just found your channel and I think it's awesome! Love your style? perfection what equipment do you use to film?

  18. can you do one for spring/summer

  19. YES——–and the photography—-Excellent!

  20. Your style is perfect if only I could pull it off.

  21. I can tell how much effort you put in your videos ! You deserve more subs❤️

  22. You look like a mix of miles teller and Jennifer Lawrence lmao

  23. how did you film this!? oh my gosh hahah

  24. Wow. Beautiful video and great counselling. I love you, Carly, don't give up. ❤️

  25. New subbie!!! I'm binging on your videos! Thank you they are soooo useful!

  26. Why does she wear the same outfit in so many videos? Hate the hat BTW.

  27. Your style is really nice but in my opinion there's to many black, I think fall is the season of colors, very warm and romantic colors, check out Tess Christine's fall fashion video it's amazing

  28. Great video. Why so afraid of colour? Don't think you need to tell us any more about how to subscribe or thumbs up.

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