4 Top Tips To Decrease Your Home Loan Interest

Home loan payments can take a sizable chunk of your income, so any way that you can save some money on the interest would be helpful. You may have signed a contract with a great rate, which is fantastic if you have one. In that case, only a couple of these tips will apply to you, but if not, you can make use of them all.

There are a few tactics that you can use to decrease your home interest rates, but you are here to learn about the top 4 ways. So, let’s jump right in and get to it.

Pay Extra

Home Loan Interest

The fastest way to pay off any loan, especially a home loan, is to make extra payments whenever possible. This may not always be feasible, but if you end up with an extra hundred or so, you might as well put it to good use instead of blowing it on something material that will end up costing you more money.

The interest rates can be reduced quickly, especially if you can make extra monthly payments. You never want to have the lender set up higher payments, just in case there is a month or two when you do not have the extra money. Keep it to a manageable cost, and then add more to that on your own terms when you can.

Compare Lenders

If you have been paying on your home loan for more than a few years, you should have some equity built up. What this means for you is that you have the option of obtaining another loan. One that pays your existing loan off to start a new one. A new one that has lower interest rates.

The only way to find a lender that can do that for you is to go to an online comparison site, such as iSelect, and compare home loan rates from numerous companies. The platform will take some basic information from you and then match you with some of their partners willing to work with you on getting a refinance loan.

Interest Payments

Your Home Loan

Many lenders will have the majority of your payments go towards paying the interest of the loan. You want to have them switch how you pay to a principal and interest payment plan. In this way, you are still paying down the interest, which is how your lender prefers, and the principal.

When you pay down the principal, you will cause the lender to decrease the amounts of interest that they charge. It is a win for you and a win for them. It would be best to set your loan up like this in the first place, but your lender may not allow it until you have paid off some of the interest. The only way you will know is if you ask them.

Reevaluate The Value

The market value of your home can affect the interest you are paying. If you have been in the home for a couple of years, you will want to get the value reevaluated because it has more than likely gone up. When the value of the house goes up, the risk to the lender goes down because of the formulas they use. A lower risk rating gets you a lower interest rate. It is always a good idea to keep the value of your home current. Even if your lender does not adjust your interest rates accordingly, it could help you get a refinance loan. Plus, it helps to lower your home insurance premiums or make claims when needed.

Decrease Home Loan


These 4 top tips to decrease your home loan interest work if you try them. If you are just getting a home loan, you can use these tips to ensure you get the most out of the loan without paying a ton of interest. If you have equity built up, you can follow these 4 tips and decrease the interest on your home loans almost overnight. Either way, the more you pay on the principal and the less you fork over for interest, the faster you will be able to pay off the loan and get on to bigger and better things.