Transform a SHIRT into a DRESS in 1 MINUTE | DIY Clothes


  1. won't the button possibly come undone?


  3. I'm too tall for this lmao but super cute???

  4. Omg I finally found your channel again

  5. This was such a great video! Loved everything about it! I'm thinking about doing Pinterest inspired DIY on my channel like this ☺️?

  6. MORE OF THESE VIDEOS I really like them

  7. Perfect omg why haven't I thought of this ???

  8. This is awesome! I'm definitely trying this!

  9. Such a cute idea girly!!! ?? love it!

  10. This is such an amazing idea!

  11. Hi I love u so much and I was wondering if u were gonna have meet and greets and if u are than can one of them plzzzz be in London as this is were I live thank u love u

  12. This turns out as such a cute dress!

  13. omg this is definitely SOO CUTE ?make more videos like this please ?Love your channel?

  14. Anyone else think of that movie aquariume where the mermaid has nothing else to weat so she does that

  15. This is such a cute idea !!?

  16. Is it weird that I was thinking of flannels when I watched a video before this and didn't even see the title or anything
    Yes please do more of this video type ??

  17. Wow how cute is this! Great video!

  18. Your so creative! I love watching your videos! ?

  19. Omg that is so cute!!!!! This is why I love your videos…

  20. This was amazingly helpful and such a creative idea! Thanks! Luv you xx

  21. Brb literally going to do this with ALL my plaid shirts

  22. Yes please, do more. I love stuff like this. But is it a shirt ya using? Looks like a shirt lol. ?

  23. Cute, nicoletta and I'm early

  24. wow bringing back the old trends are we now?

  25. So so so cute girl. Thanks for the awesome idea. xx


  27. Omg! This is so stinkin cute on you!!! Such a cool idea!

  28. what type of bras would you recommend

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