Transform Your Nail Polish Into GEL Polish!

Transform your regular nail polish into gel polish using Hydracol


    • Hydracol | Turn any nail polish into a gel polish
    • Baby Pink | China Glaze ‘Something Sweet’
    • Glitter | Orly ‘Rose Pixel’


  1. I've never seen such nice natural nails

  2. what's the difference between basecoat and top coat

  3. very amazing it's real but looks fake


  5. Y ur naels doo dis –> ) aht teh end ahnd noht tis –> |

  6. My gel bottle is currently on the way

  7. she can easily pour gel polish in nail polish bottle without waste the polish in palette

  8. What's the name of the pink nail polish !!!???

  9. It thickened/dried because it's spread out in a thin layer on that wheel. If you put it in a tiny pot, it won't dry out as fast.

  10. I am a beginner at nails so please don't judge me but what is the difference between gel and polish?

  11. I have a question would you just be able to put some hydracol in the actual bottle of polish?

  12. honey go to Sally and pick up some polish thinner. works magic ?

  13. I see a lot of comments that it's a waste of polish, I have to disagree. I have several bottles of polish that are no longer available for purchase(discontinued) . This is an excellent way to revive older polish and make it last longer. if you are a nail person, you'll understand, if you just play, then , maybe not for you.

  14. Your studio lights probably semi-cured the first pour of polish to the tray before you were able to use it again. That's the deal with LED polishes and studio lights.

  15. i like this cuz you can make custom colors of nail polish without them drying immediately

  16. What do u do if u don't have hydrocol ?? pls reply …

  17. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I just doubled my gel nail polish stash!!

  18. When you have no free edge to cap…

  19. I have a question, is this semi permanent gel?

  20. You can also add nail glue has a middle coat before top coat

  21. Very good idea. I will buy it….

  22. I thought it was going to be like put it in the whole nail polish bottle, that's a bit of work to mix every time :/ will think about it

  23. Could you just mix it in the bottle and cover it so it’s opaque?

  24. can you tell me from whhere did you buy that led light

  25. What is the difference between gel and normal nail polish

  26. Hydracol isn't necessary at all. You should just put on regular gel polish on base coat, let it dry for 100% and close it with top.

  27. I love all of your videos??

  28. how long does at home gel polish last? I'm getting my nails done at the salon its quite expensive so i might switch over to at home gel

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