Today I’ll be transforming my bestie Kim Thai into….. ME??!!!!! OMG!!! After seeing Beauty Vixxen’s amazing video we just had to film our take on it. Get ready for all the full coverage foundation, massive fake lashes and blinding glow cause Kim’s about to become KimTutorials!!! Think I can nail this challenge? Watch and find out!

ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ I love you.


  1. holy fuck kim is fucking perfect

  2. "The looking in the distance ready.." lmao!!!! I love it lol!

  3. Her face doesn't fit to the head only i See it?

  4. Kim is soooo pretty omfg

  5. this is so fun to watch!you two are cute

  6. 90% of comments: stop being mean about kims face
    4% of comments: just normal stuff
    1% of comments: people actually being mean about kims face

  7. The height difference kills me! It looks like Kim is a lil kid sitting on Nikkie's lap

  8. You are amazing at makeup Nikkie! I wish I was as good as you.

  9. Please do my prom makeup next year

  10. This is sooooo cute 🙂 Kim is like a doll

  11. it bothered me the entire time that the foundation in her nose crease wasnt blended ??

  12. I never even noticed anything wrong with Kim's face until I saw the toxicity of the comment section, and I'm like, "really?" I'm in love with her face and personality, her humor is awesome…

  13. Kim is sooooo cute. I love her smile!

  14. Thicker than a snicker ~ Nikkie

  15. Omg love! Please do my makeup someday.

  16. Kim's eyes are beautiful and she has such a nice face shape!

  17. I frikin love Kim's eyes!!!!❤️❤️❤️

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