1. Music. But now beuty. All the time . That was not spelled right .

  2. I don't think YouTubers know what cheap is $50 dollars and up arnt cheap

  3. Can we all just please look we're she clearly put "CHEAP" in the title I've been in urban planet before and that's not cheap I'm only 3:18 in the video and I'm not even going to watch the rest she must be rich to think that's cheap

  4. Definitely started watching YouTube with nail polish videos

  5. The very first video I watched was a cute baby pug video

  6. Charlie bit. My finger

  7. I'm 11 and I totally understand the struggle of having to keep pulling up your strapless bra

  8. I would watch doll videos all the time becuz I discovered youtube at like 8 or 9

  9. I'm from Toronto too!!! ?

  10. You're gorgeous! Is your nationality Romanian?! 😀 I'm sorry to ask I'm just curious because your name sounds very Romanian.

  11. OMG my friend and I call my old crush burnt orange ??

  12. i first followed you on twitter! Then you retweeted my tweet and i freaked out! Lol! You werent that famous then but you became so so successful ❤️

  13. music was the first videos i watched on youtube

  14. the strings were probably off the shirt so you can lace it up the way you want

  15. when you will come to GREECE im am from GREECE

  16. The first tv show I ever watched was tom and jerry?

  17. I use to hate my thin lips but now she is here and slays the thin lips! I think there prettier than full lips, it makes her smile so perfect! I now love my thin lips thanks to you, Nicoletta ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ ???????

  18. I really love this you guys should totally go follow my social media
    Twitter: KortneyReidpath

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