Triangle Print Nails + OPI Fifty Shades of Grey Collection!

❤ Loving this collection! Hope you enjoy the swatches & triangle print tutorial! XO


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  1. When she mentioned CEMENT, I immediately remembered Cermet, Jenna's dog .oh god, whats happening to me

  2. Where did you get the tools and the designs from??

  3. How does she keep her nails long and still get to wear nails polish! Whenever I wear nail polish my nails get so weak when I remove the polish

  4. I love this collection but I can't be the only Fifty Shades of Grey fan hoping that one of the colors would be "Laters Baby".

  5. very straight forward and looks like fun….the print is classy

  6. very straight forward and looks like fun….the print is classy

  7. This is a really cute design

  8. Yeah I think the matte look,, looks more elegant and pretty ☺️

  9. Damn Girl, Your videos are really good!

  10. Omg when you put the nail swatch on your finger, it really annoyed me omg it was upside down

  11. I love OPI nail polish but I not have 2 because they are $19.95 per bottle in Australia 🙁

  12. My favorite is probably the red.❤️

  13. That is one of the most beautiful and unique nail tutorials I have seen in a long time. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  14. Where can I find the tape strips?

  15. Cement the deal is my favorite

  16. Cement the deal for sure. But I love all of them. 🙂

  17. I LOVE THE RED ONE! That is my favourite shade of red

  18. Thanks for showing us the collection! I am for sure going to buy some! 🙂

  19. you have to put 'ad' in the title if you've been sponsored

  20. Where I can find the foil strips for nails??

  21. when you did the swatches, was that one coat or two?

  22. I'm not just saying this but I just re-found your channel and this is one of my favorite nail designs I've seen on youtube so far 🙂

  23. Can u do a video on "how to flim Nailart video " ur setup plz

  24. Loveeee Shine for me!! I have to buy it!! Thanks

  25. cool video and I like "shine for me" 😉

  26. How much is a opi nail polish in the us ?
    In Germany one opi nail polish is 16 euros soooo expensive!

  27. dark side of the moon is my favorite.

  28. Why did you buy the tape? It would help me a lot thank you!

  29. The glitter is my favorite. I love me some sparkle

  30. Lol how are they 50 shade of grey?? There's only 6 colors in the collection

  31. Love the colors! I just ordered the Fifty Shades of Grey collection 🙂

  32. Cement the Deal is GORGEOUS!!! It's been so hard trying to hunt down that shade of grey…without some type of sheen/sparkle added! I love that it's a nice, creamy color…love it!
    Glad you made it back from NYC without getting frostbite! The weather looked so snowy and cold! Hope all you Big Apple girls are staying warm!
    Thanks for sharing this awesome design with us…and a BIG thanks for the OPI review! I love how you do the "nail swatches"…it makes it easier to really see the color!

  33. i was actually trying to find wet cemment from sally hansen
    but now seeing the opi fifty shades of grey collection i'm definetly going to. get the one called cement the deal

  34. Gorgeous collection. Love the design too!

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