Tribal Nail Art

Learn how to create a tribal nail art design on your nails!

♡ Cutepolish’s Commentary

♥ Yay! I’ve been wearing this tribal aztec inspired nail design all week and I absolutely adore it. The design looks so intricate and amazing. I had so many people ask to see my nails. It definitely takes a lot more time than my other designs, but the outcome is completely worth it!

♡ Products Used

  • Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Hardener
  • OPI Alpine Snow
  • L.A. Colors Art Deco in Red, Yellow, Blue, and Black
  • Essie Good To Go Top Coat


  1. you are a real pro in the nail art

  2. I wish I had a striper and a dotting tool

  3. 2:25 *more simpler? Sorry, had to ❤️.

  4. "tribal print is very trendy this season"
    Me: Woho, I gonna do something trendy for once.
    Uploaded 2011.
    Me: …

  5. I just did these on my nails 😀 They look great <3
    Thankyou so much for the tutorial!

  6. its realy pretty but not working with short nails 🙁

  7. These are amazing! Can you do a nailpolish collection?

  8. I tried this out and my nails now look great thanks to u!!!

  9. Gosh love your nails~ <3

  10. LOOOOOOOOVE!! Omg thanks for this video!! x

  11. mine came out great thanks for the Tutorial 

  12. I want columbian flag nail video

  13. I want a columbian flag baúl

  14. I love this look but I don't have any stripers.. Is it possible that i can make my own striper?  Maybe with a toothpick? I really don't want to have to buy a ton of stripers just to make these pretty looks. Thank you!

  15. I love the music and the nails are cool too

  16. Would a matte top coat work with this?

  17. Very cute!

  18. I Went to Mexico and your nails are very accurate

  19. in the summer, i would use this on my toes

  20. How do you do your other hand? Can you make a tutorial saying how to paint your other hand?

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