Tropical Citrus Nail Art

❤ Totally getting ready for Summer with this tropical citrus nail art!


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  1. Do a watermelon one . It would be so cute

  2. I saw these on Instagram, super cute

  3. Where do you get those stickers from?

  4. Thank you for telling us where to purchase the brush you used! I have been looking for that brand of brush, Pure Color, and I bought 2 different brushes from them – one looks just like yours. Since the store is in Arizona, my order came very quickly. I used one this week and it made quite a difference in my nail art.

  5. can u pleese do  doughtnut inspired nail art?

  6. Love em! Worried about making a mess with those reinforcements.

  7. Very pretty and adorable!

  8. Really beautiful design! Like all of your nail arts! <3

  9. You have such a beautiful voice! This one was amazing, love your videos!

  10. Love it! You are soooo talented 🙂 I wish I could recreate it 🙂

  11. Love this design looks simple to

  12. i love you so much and please do a nail polish collection

  13. I thought that it difficult to do 😀 but that's simple! 
    maybe I also should make a nail art tutorial 😀

  14. I love your work!! Can you tell me what nail brush you are using in this video, what kind and wherefrom? Thanks!

  15. Love it will be trying this out Thanks!

  16. Beautiful but hard work! My designs don't even last 3 days! 🙁

  17. So awesome nail art. Just fabulous

  18. Cute and fun nail art design!

  19. Lovely colors perfect for summertime which cannot come quick enough xoxo

  20. It's Beautiful i love It kiss kiss

  21. Love all of your designs! I get so much of my nail inspiration from you!

  22. I love this nail art for summer nice job ?

  23. How do you get all the colours so opaque? Do you use more than one coat?

  24. Hannah this is absolutely awesome. Beautiful, bright colors, and they do look like citrus slices for sure!

  25. Does the acrylic paint come off with just polish remover??

  26. I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH! ? ? ❤

  27. Super cute design Hannah! Such a great look for summer 🙂

  28. Love it looks very awesome and easy!

  29. I love your video's, you always surprise me with your designs. When I first see your designs, i always think it's difficult, but when I see you do it, it's so easy.♥♥?

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