In this video I share some footage from our mini trip to St. Lucia and what I brought with me. Hopefully this gives you some tips, recommendations and makes your life easier.







  • SuperGoop Sunscreen
  • Loving Tan
  • Laura Geller Illuminator
  • Benefit Bronzer
  • Urban Decay Naked Heat
  • First Aid Beauty Skin Tint
  • Gisou Wave Spray


  1. I just got back from St. Lucia! I did a pack with me too! ?

  2. Lol watching this because its always hot in Texas!

  3. Where did you get your necklace at the start of the video?

  4. Where did you get the cami tops you are wearing from?? It looks so comfy!❤️ I love your picks on your videos all the time?

  5. white off the shoulder dress is so gorg x

  6. tess please make a video on which bra's to wear under those dresses

  7. She didn't post a link for the two-piece brown stripe outfit, any idea on how to find it?. Please help me guys <3

  8. I LOVE the way you filmed and edited this!!

  9. I'd love to know where you stayed in St. Lucia!? Thinking of going on my honeymoon there in August!

  10. you're such a style Inso for me. It's the perfect mix of basic + casual +boho +feminine

  11. Another celeb lookbook please!!!

  12. please tell us where this necklace and grey top are from!!! thank you!

  13. this is honestly such a helpful video tess !! thank you ?

  14. Where is the square neck top you are wearing throughout the video from?? Super cute!

  15. A hair tutorial would be awesome! I love your new haircut 🙂

  16. the editing and style of this video is perfect you are perfect

  17. This will help me pack for my vacation in November ?

  18. Omg when i saw u went to St. Lucia i geeked out bc i literally went there over the summer it was gr8888 love u Tess !!!!

  19. Love that two piece set from Forever 21 and Lu Lu’s, and that purse!! I need that ?
    I ❤️ your clothing guides!

  20. Can you do an updated everyday makeup tutorial? And how you curl your short hair please!!! You are absolutely beautiful ?

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