Try a Half-Updo like Ariana Grande | Hair Report

There are two things we know and love Ariana Grande for: her killer pipes and her signature ponytail. We called on Melissa from Super Glam News to help Glam get the Grande look, just in time for the holidays. With a few bouncy curls, and a festive high ponytail, you’ll “Break Free” from holiday hair of years past. Bang, bang!


  1. Ariana's hair isn't nearly that messy tho ?

  2. she keeps saying to curl towards your face but she's curling away….also the end result is really not great at all. 

  3. okay no before you sponser people please make sure they know what they are saying, anyone that puts there hair on a hot curling iron for 20-30 seconds is gong to have their hair snap off like that girl in the infamous video whos hair burnt off. also , "so you can kinda let it cool off just so its not like burning" uhm what? you let it cool so that the curl sets and lasts longer. im sorry i just spent way too much money on hair school to hear comments like that. 

  4. She actually looks much better without that Ariana hair. 

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