Try a New Look with These Faux Hawk Hairstyles

Wearing or Choosing the right yet new lace front wigs is not enough if you want to take a risk and sport a new look. If you prefer a quirky, totally bold, and edgy look the next time you meet your friends, why not try faux hawk hairstyles? Faux hawk hairstyle may take in different dimensions, textures, and styles. This means you could play with its versatility if you prefer to.


Whippy Faux Hawk. This type of hairstyle could be done with your lace wigs. You simply need a long side fringe. Remember Ruby Rose? She does it well and even stole the show during Brisbane’s MTV Summer Party. This very short haircut could magnify your face shape perfectly.

In order to add more complement to the hairstyle, you may use a volumizing gel or mousse into your bags. Also, spike the strands a little to finish the look.

Punk Rock Faux Hawk. Miley Cyrus wore this hairstyle perfectly. You may do it as well with your lace front wigs better considered with human hair wigs. It is a style that is not simply punk rock, but provides a lot of energy appeal at the same time. While having those spikes on your head, you could still look chic.


Highlighted Faux Hawk. Many celebrities proved that a short hairstyle could be so good with highlights. If you would wear a faux hawk hairstyle, it is considerable to add touches of blue, red, purple, green, or pink. Most of the time, vibrant colors make the best statements. You do not necessarily have to focus on highlighting the upper area of your hair, you might as well trying adding tone on your bangs.

Ombre-Like Faux Hawk. Most likely, you have loved the ombre style for long hair. Do you know it could work as well even for short hair? It begins with having a Mohawk hairstyle. Apparently, you will somehow mimic the ombre or multi-tonal highlighting.  The roots will appear darker in shade, whereas the top will be in lighter hue.

Pulling up the waves to the top while pinning the rest of your strands at the back will magnify the style perfectly. Volumizing the top is a way to exhibit the punky side of the hairstyle. At present, even the steel-color hairstyle is becoming a trend. This may be a risky style to try, but it is worthwhile if you want to be edgy.

Messy Faux Hawk. This hairstyle will suit almost everyone who wants to try the bold yet chic look. Even older generations have tried this trend. Many consider it a cooler version of the cleanly spiked Mohawks. It is not only ideal for men, but also for women.

From the name itself, you need to mess it up. You may use gel or anything that could sustain the messy arrangement of the hair.

Buoffant Faux Hawk. This is a hairstyle that many celebrities would prove rocking. You simply need to use a texturizing spray in order to tease the roots of your hair. Afterwards, you brush your hair backwards to the crown. Then, you set the sides of your hair with pomade. Lastly, you need to roll the ends of your faux hawk with pins.

Pompadour Faux Hawk. This is a good choice of hairstyle if you want to be bolder while retaining your chic appearance. You simply have to backcomb your hair from one place to another. By using a volumizing solution, you pump up the top area. Then, you twist your hair while following a swirl pattern. Set it aside using a hairspray to complete the look.


Curly Faux Hawk. The hairstyle is very easy to do given you have a naturally kinky hair. You simply need to intensify the volume of your hair on the top and add natural texture. There are cases you may have to shave or flat out the sides of your hair.

Apart from the volumizing solution, it is ideal to use a texturizing spray. This will make the curls look more naturally set. There are professionals who even advise the application of gel before blow drying the hair for finishing.

Sky High Faux Hawk. This is conventional, but it is still considered a very trendy hairstyle people can rock in the red carpet. This is a very bold hairstyle that is unbelievably easy to set as well. You simply need to scrape your hair upwards. Pump it using a texturizing or volumizing solution. Afterwards, you add a holding spray to keep the top area firm.

Shaggy Bob. Kristen Stewart wears this hairstyle so well that until now, you may see her rocking it even in the most typical days.  In this style, you have to leave tons of hair layers towards your face.  It is very easy to set since you will simply set aside a voluminous hair section onto the side like a bangs. You also have to sweep the other side of your hair as flat as possible (others even shave it).

Try out the faux hawk hairstyles the next time you go out. Even while wearing lace wigs, you could make the styling happen. Remember, sometimes short hairstyles make a better statement if you want to be bold.