Hi my beauties!! Today I am back with a TRY ON fashion haul!! In the past I never did try on hauls! I’ve always seen you guys requesting it so here it is! Let me know if you like this better!! Sorry if the footage is a little shakey πŸ™‚ Most of theses purchases are from black friday and cyber monday!! Had to take advantage of all the deals lol. If you guys want to start seeing more of these let me know. Unfortunately things sell out quickly so sometimes by the time it arrives to me it is already out of stock. I was thinking of adding a section to my blog to show all my purchases as I purchase. That way if you need ideas and want to get it while it is still in stock you can do that! Let me know πŸ˜‰ Love you angels!! XOXO Carli



  1. I love that all of your outfits were so affordable! Too cute! πŸ™‚

  2. Lookin' like a SHHHNACK!!!

  3. What type of bra/support would you recommend using for a top like th black silvery embellished crop top?

  4. What kind of car does Carli have ??

  5. What bra did u wear with the pink lace bodysuit?

  6. Est-ce que quelqu'un sait oΓΉ je peux acheter ce Puma en Belgique?

  7. can you please do a closet tour!! It looks sooo gorgeous!

  8. Who noticed the cat lmao

  9. All these people are getting mad like they don't know Carli has money and that by watching her videos or buying her products they've helped give her that money but yet want to get butt hurt about her showing her followers her house or her clothes. Get over yourselves and you do you Carli! Let a girl live her life.

  10. yessssss more fashion videos !!

  11. this cheap you look sananas she nice style

  12. Carliiii pleaseee, house tour, but firts, Closeth Tour. please please please. Hi from Colombia.

  13. I love the hauls this way bc I like to see it tried on and not just in ur hand talking about it

  14. The fact that your clothes rail is colour coordinated makes me very satisfied

  15. I ADORE your clothing hauls please please please do moreee

  16. I don't understand how girl's boobs stay inside those v neck tops like your embroided one u showed at the end

  17. Who else wants to shop her closet??

  18. Closer tour needed!!!

  19. You are so creative with your outfits! I'm so jealous ?

  20. I can't wait for the day when women will stop judging other women on what they choose to wear, how they choose to wear it and what they choose to spend their money on. Some of these comments are so unnecessary and comes across quite pitifully insecure. Can't we all respect each other's hustle without putting each other down? Nobody's life out values anyone's elses', please remember that.

  21. When are you going to give us a closet tour? I've been waiting forever!

  22. What the heck tiger thing is a robe

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