In today’s video I show you some new things i’ve added to my closet for summer! I hope this gives you a little fashion inspiration 🙂

Verge Girl


  • Red Dress- IN-Store
  • Linen Pants- In-Store
  • White Dress

Princess Polly



  • Top
  • Shoes


  • Skirt
  • Romper
  • Jumpsuit


  1. Your style is so lovely.💛

  2. What bra do you wear with strapless outfits ?

  3. Your style is absolutely incredible! So cute!

  4. Hello im a new subbie. Have u ever been to paris

  5. Tess! I just watched mamma Mia & I think Lilly James style in the movie is so you, I fell in love ! Do you think you can make a video with looks inspired by her outfits? I would love some tips on her colorful boho style.

  6. I have the red Zara dress and its the most insta-worthy thing ❤️

  7. You say "um" way too much!

  8. Love everything, I'm so in love with your style!

  9. Where’d you buy the top that youre wearing? I love it

  10. Take a shot everytime she says "cute" 😵

  11. I am in love with you, legit. I wanna be your friend!

  12. LOVE your style as usual <3

  13. Pls do a thrift haul

  14. ugh stunnning in everything <3

  15. Hey guys do you know how tall Tess is? very curious!

  16. wait whaaat I got the same exact top from lulu's at Charlotte russe for cheap!!

  17. Tess I think you're an old soul ! Your style is definitely retro/modern! I'm living for it. xox

  18. Makeup tutorial on this look please 😍

  19. Where is your necklace from?!??!? IT IS SO PRETTYYY

  20. Love all of your videos!! Can you do another get the look? I know they take a long time to film lol. Thank you 😍💕✨

  21. Loved this video Tess. Would love to see a “summer declutter” or some kind of closer organization from you. I love seeing all the goodies you buy but am curious as to how to store it all and keep it clutter-free!

  22. Someone help me find the red zara dress onlineee !! 😍😢❤

  23. Tessie! Can you do a Haul on a budget? Like, spending $100 only? Or $200 only..

  24. oooo i love the orange skirt!!!

  25. The pieces looks so great on you!

  26. Looove your style 💕💕

  27. Tess I love alllll of your outfits! What lipstick are you wearing in this video? I NEED IT

  28. where is your necklace from??

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  30. Did you put a filter that airbrushes your face or is your skin just that good? lol

  31. Loved this video! When is the next get the look?

  32. I love your hauls. You always have the cutest clothes. And I'm really liking your style right now.

  33. @Tess Christine I ♥️ the red dress from Zara! What size did you get in the dress? 😍 xx

  34. Closet organisation video or how you get inspired to put together outfits video would be nice!

  35. Hi Tess! Where is your necklace from?

  36. Drinking game : "count how many times Tess says "uhm" "

  37. did u gained some weight? you look cute

  38. oh my gosh you can wear anything <3

  39. Hey Tess, you should go check out The True Cost on Netflix! As a fashion enthusiast, I think it soo important to know where our clothes come from. Love you!

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