Trying Kourtney Kardashian’s DETOX DIET + WORKOUT | THE STRUGGLE !!


  1. HELLO LOVES ! My latest diet and workout is SELENA GOMEZ check it out here:

    Comment which celebrity you want next xo

  2. Where’s your bottle from ? X

  3. You literally slay my life

  4. Lol I’m watching this in my sauna

  5. I’m legit eating like a 2 lb bag of gummy bears while watching this xD

  6. Haha sauna is not helping if you are having all your clothes on !

  7. How do you make your chicken? It’s always so perfect looking

  8. Love your fitness viodios can you do more

  9. Omgggg do one of the Kardashian's "Pregnant Diet"

  10. Kourtney is my favourite Kardashian/Jenner
    Bella Hadid next please

  11. Can you make a "what i eat in a day" video? I've binged watched all of your celebrity workout/diet series and now I'm just curious of what YOU eat?

  12. her normal workout and routine please!!

  13. Love these videos. Please do Britney spears

  14. Love your videos. Please do Kourtney's real diet aswell

  15. Could you please do Loren grays diet+workout ❤❤ilysm

  16. Love you so much Nicoletta❤

  17. I have the problem the more water I drink the more hungry I get?

  18. That’s gotta be the most boring detox diet I’ve ever seen lol ? I ❤️ your videos though!

  19. 14-16 hours of not eating is just intermittent fasting. This detox is very typical of someone who eats clean…I don’t understand your struggles if you are supposedly pretty healthy and active?

  20. Please do Priyanka Chopra workout diet

  21. Nicoletta xo can you make a video on Tylor Swift workout and diet routine and skin care plzzz……..

  22. Do Sommer Ray! btw Ly Nicoletta❤

  23. Can you try Taylor Swift diet and workout?

  24. Omg, I could not do this diet…no seasoning, no carbs, no fruit, and no variety in the vegetables. Hard pass lol. I tried going in the sauna at the gym once and two steps in I could not breathe. ?

  25. Please do Gabbie Hanna’s next please?

  26. You should do a cardio b or Nicki workout

  27. Can You please do a kpop diet?

  28. Could you do blake lively's diet and workout? By the way i love ypir channel, you are amazing.

  29. please try mariah carey or rihanna

  30. This is literally too little ?

  31. awesome! hey, could you make a video on high school freshmen advice?? If you can! and if you want! Ilysm!!??

  32. Wow You lost weight and you looks really amazing ? could you try Iu diet ,plez.

  33. You see my comment ??? for the avocado pudding you put to much milk i try yesterday it was good i put more honey it should be like a ice cream texture but i really enjoy youre video

  34. Can you film a "what i eat on a day" but a reeeaaal one with sweets or so hahaha ^^❤ maybe also another "trying … diet and workout" from gigi hadid?❤ ly giiirl

  35. I just LOVE LOVE everything you do !!!

  36. The avocado pudding looks and I guess tastes disgusting ? but I totally love your videos ❤️

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