Hey everyone! hope you’re all doing well! Today I wanted to do another trying on video with things I bought on ebay! This time I’m trying on Bikinis I bought on eBay under $10! I’m always intrigued to see if cheap clothing items on ebay are as good as they look in photos so let’s see together! Let me know if you would like me to do a Trying on shoes I bought on ebay video as I haven’t seen anyone do this on Youtube yet.


  • What camera do you use?
    Sony A7s ii
  • What editing software do you use?
    Final Cut Pro
  • What is your hair colour & what hair dye do you use?
    Blonde – I get it done at the Salon.
  • Where are you from?
    I am living in the United Kingdom.


  1. I hope you guys enjoyed today's video! Let me know if you would like me to try on shoes bought on eBay! for under £10 Think that could be interesting…
    Ps. Dont forget to subscribe to my daily vlogging channel RoxxsaurusVlogs if you haven't already! Link is in the description x

  2. I wore shorts to a soccer game and I got horrible tan lines I can't get rid of!???

  3. Does it bother anyone else that she said "size s"

  4. That white and pink striped bikini photo looks like they took it from the Tiger Mist website

  5. Just some constructive criticism here! If you're going to post try on videos of items that you purchased online it would be great if you could link the items in the description box. Just because something doesn't work out for you personally doesn't mean that it also won't work for someone else. For example I'm completely in love with those black lace up bottoms, especially for $10. But since there's no links I'll have to search the deep dark depths of eBay to find them and hopefully, maybe find the same seller that you ordered from. It would just make your videos more professional if you included something so simple as the links to the items.

  6. The first bikini is the same as the picture kinda confused

  7. This video annoyed me.

    All of the bikinis looked as advertised, not only that but you knew they had arm pieces and string detailing.

    Common sense would tell you as you're buying these online that they're intended to be fashionable instead of practical.

  8. Why did you buy that bikinis if you "wouldn't wear them"?

  9. i literally clicked on this video because i looked at the picture and thought she was aspyn ovard

  10. she said "cheaply made" isn't it why it cost 10 dollars?

  11. Can you please start putting your outfit in the description? I love your style and I would love to buy some of the things. Please like this comment so that she can see. Love you Roxi Xx

  12. She looks like a blonde lana rhodes

  13. I just purchased one from eBay omg I'm scared to watch this video

  14. love this video! for the last swimsuit you can always cut and sew the strap so it's smaller!

  15. She is pretty, has a nice body, nice skin, beautiful hair, money, friends… what's wrong with this

  16. use the choker as a head band

  17. this is no hate i really like you but just think about the people producing these bikinis… about their living conditions and just their lifes in general …think about what you're supporting

  18. Just wear the swimsuit no matter where it is from some of them barely even look like they are from eBay

  19. I have the same as the firs one !!!!!!

  20. Girl shave your armpits

  21. They all literally looked like the photos like what

  22. I'm going to be honest I hate her voice

  23. They all looked super cute & fitted, and they all looked like the pictures on eBay.. I don't know why u were complaining about them there is nothing wrong with them

  24. Cut the strap out of the swim suit

  25. She rocks when she wears, smokey eye, dark lips, contour and highlight and silver hair x

  26. Can you do a whole sleek makeup look ?

  27. I can't help but wonder if she got in the water, would the ink bleed through?!

  28. so close to two million congratulations

  29. That first bikini looked exactly like the picture lol

  30. I liked the pink swim suit and the one you liked

  31. I thought the black bikini looked actually good on you. I don't understand, it is as if you hád to complain about the bikini's just because they are from Ebay. ?

  32. How is the first one not like the picture? It's exactly like the picture.
    And you're complaining about every one when everyone looked like the pictures. You actually got pretty lucky. I don't see why you're complaining so much.

  33. Who tf cares about tan lines? Honestly?

  34. am I the only one who thinks she looks good in all of them ?

  35. umiesz mówić po polsku?

  36. most of them looked really good on her but she always said they dont fit well blah blah HONEY THEY FIT PRETTY GOOD WHAT DO YOU WANT? it just really pissed me of. cheap things can have good quality sometimes

  37. Hey guys!! Just another small YouTube channel hoping to reach my goal of 100 subscribers? please help! I'll subscribe to your channels too! Thanks❤️
    Ps. This comments a fish don't let it sink to the bottom of the comments! Like?

  38. Any links to the bikini?

  39. wearing a loose choker while complaining about one

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