Hello loves! Today I am trying on CHEAP Bikinis for you guys! Bikini try on haul ! Hope you enjoy! Check out Zaful: All order with over $50 save $5+ Free shipping with coupon code: Nicoletta2 at

Bikinis I chose out here:


  1. why am I so late on watching this lol! oh? anyway I love the "baby got back" bikini, might be weird but I would use the top as a sports bra?? it's just so cute!! anyway love you're videos!!! you're "hack" videos are very very helpful!! keep up the awesome videos!!❤?

  2. I would love to see you purging bikinis/underwear when it's time to get rid of them for those new ones 🙂

  3. Abercrombie has really cute ones

  4. ERMAGAWD UR BODY IS GOALS AND SO UNREAL!!!!!!! Luv ur videos btw!!!

  5. Anyone else eating ice cream ?? Just me? Okay.

  6. the blue bikini makes you like a Victoria secret model <3

  7. yeah just found your channel nicoletta 🙂

  8. i think you're gonna be my favourite youtuber

  9. that 2nd one was really small on her the bottoms

  10. Did you contour your boobs?

  11. if you guys don't know what baby got back it's by sir mix alot so go check it out

  12. wow you are very confident With your body?lysm

  13. Love your vids but I feel like you're yelling at the camera the entire time haha

  14. I'm not a huge fan of the super cheeky bottoms that are in style lol but I love high waisted bikinis as well!

  15. Omg u deserve 1M!!!! Lov u girlie?

  16. these vids are trending so much

  17. My fav store is Nordstrom

  18. My favourite store is Primark and Forever 21 because they are very affordable

  19. omg the black one is just the bomb!!??

  20. I looooveee bikinis and bathing suits from Cropp! They are pretty cheap but good quality and cute!

  21. I love the high waisted black bikini the most, but all of them are super cute. 🙂 Love this video!

  22. You are so beautiful , I love you so much ??

  23. modest & beautiful, best qualities, classy

  24. LOVE THAT BODY??So near 500,000 I will be so happy if that happens?Love you so much??I remembered I was literally crying when we hit 400,000.Your channel is growing fast love yaass ???

  25. Can you try SheIn BIKINI'S !!!!!!

  26. With the rate bikini's are shrinking, I'm waiting for it to be legal to have topless or nude beaches over here in America.

  27. Hey guys so i'm trying to get a few subs because I'll be posting videos soon! I'll sub back:)

  28. I shop at H&M a lot, but my fave is Hollister! Hollister haul? (it's a bit expensive though)

  29. I think the second bikini bottom can be reversible!!

  30. The blue/real velvet bikini looks amazing on u

  31. Target comes in clutch with the bathing suits all the time

  32. Great video! Don't worry, not everyone has a great butt.

  33. My favorite store to shop for bathing suit is Tjmaxx & Wal?Mart definitely.

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