Hello loves! I am trying on SUPER CHEAP Prom Dresses all UNDER $40 DOLLARS !! I was inspired by Niki and Gabi trying on prom dresses! Hope you enjoy!!


  1. it's not Neeki and Gabi, it's Niki and Gabi

  2. I liked the really long one and it was bright blue but I would not where it to prom

  3. I had 2 different prom dresses and experiences.

  4. most of these wouldn't work for prom at least not in the states, i do really like the long silver one though !

  5. I love the silver one! makes you look beautiful

  6. i love your videos so much Nicoletta!!!.im only 10 and your videos are appropriate for me!! you are so beautiful and even the dresses you did not looked supper pretty on you!! love you so much!! keep up your good YouTube work!!! you are awesome!!! I really hope you replie to me!!❤❤❤❤

  7. The first one is what I wore to prom! It looked super cute

  8. Nicoletta you have to order the dresses off of amazon or eBay not at a store
    and cheep dresses are under $20 ???

  9. that plain black dress why dont u turn it into a crop top and a waste high skirt x


  11. I love ur videos and my favorite dress was the pink dress

  12. You just bought the wrong ones i see people how do $20 and look amazing

  13. you look like Kylie Jenner before surgery!! x

  14. Hello im new here warm regard from indonesia ??

  15. I love you so much!!! You are a big inspiration to me girlll! ???❣
    greetings from Europe ?

  16. Erm under 40 dollars? I feel cheap now

  17. I don't understand why you have to write "disaster"??
    Like literally most dresses were absolutely fine and most dresses you didn't like was because they weren't "prom-like" and that is literally because this is what you chose.. It's not the dress fault it's just not for prom
    You are really nice and fun to watch but the disaster is just not needed..

  18. Hi when she said she is 5.2 tall I am like I am 5.2 ft. tall.

  19. I liked the first two and the pale pink ??

  20. my prom nightmare, I was supposed to go to prom with a guy friend well two weeks before prom, I caught him making put with another girl in a store

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