Hey guys! As prom is just around the corner for some of you guys I thought I would try on wish prom dresses that I bought under £10! Some of these were as cheap as £5 which is too good to be true! I hope you guys enjoy my little review of these prom dresses! Don’t forget to subscribe for more videos like this! – Roxi


  1. Hope you guys are enjoying today's video!! When is your prom!? I'd be interested to know! and do you know what colour you want your Prom dress to be?

  2. Your hair looked so pretty in this video!

  3. I need to do one of these videos ? they are always so much fun to watch!

  4. I'm 9 way to young for prom but I have a boyfriend

  5. I wish you would leave the photos up longer they go by so fast I can’t even remember what the dress was supposed to look like when you go to try it on.

  6. Why didn’t u just show pics for the last ??

  7. Can you do the spicy noodle challenge?

  8. Ilysm Roxieeeeeee!! ??❣️

  9. my prom is July 4th!❤️

  10. My schools prom passed already it was april 20?

  11. Can you please do more but with sleeves because our dress code says we have to have sleeves

  12. Katie beting & Sara Betts both did videos like this and uploaded it almost at the same time

  13. I'm to old for prom. I don't even go to school anymore

  14. Good thing I already got my prom dress. $60 at JCPenny's. So ready for prom on May 19th 😀

  15. I would say most people's proms are end of June mines June 22nd ?

  16. Am I the only one who likes the dress at 7:00 ?

  17. We don't got prom in Belgium??

  18. I love love love your accent ?❤️❤️❤️

  19. My prom is on May and the theme is carnival at the Caribbean

  20. Love Roxy!! But all of these dresses are horrible?

  21. I don't understand why your so surprised about the dresses being shit like???

  22. The third dress is really pretty!!

  23. The third dress looks so sexy on you ?

  24. My Prom is JUNE 27TH!!! ❤️❤️

  25. Hey Roxi my prom is soon! Please do a prom beauty hack video !

  26. I love Uuuuu roxxi. Your video are the BEST! ????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  27. I have my Y6 prom on July the 23rd from 7pm until 9pm

  28. you're so cute mommy, i love you so much ? lots of love from portugal ?

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