Trying Out New Makeup! | LOVEEMANDA


  1. What color is the L’Oréal liquid lipstick you wear often?

  2. Looove you so muchhh babe! Now that you are a mommy I relate even more to you ? since I have also a 2 years old baby boy ???

  3. Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer! If you haven't already tried it you definitely should 🙂

  4. Omg u are so pretty without makeup

  5. Please do a green eyeshadow look.

  6. Try Physician's Formula Butter Bronzer

  7. Your videos would be even better babe if your lighting was better. I love your videos anyhow. How's your baby btw?! Hope your doing well. Missed your videos.

  8. Your makeup look is flawless! Also the nyx matte bronzer is really good. ?

  9. Night time or morning routine! Love you Manda. This look was bomb!!! Your makeup is always on point.

  10. This after birth glow is making you more stunning!! ??Gorgeous

  11. Hoola bronzer is amazing if you haven’t tried it out yet?

  12. Cool vid and you lookn pretty! but girl the smacking of the lips was kinda annoying so sadly couldn't finish the video,just for future reference #nohate #justbeing100

  13. I love this look! you look so pretty ? I wish my hair was long like yours!

  14. Ur makeup always on point ? so beautiful

  15. Is it me or you got thicker ?

  16. Love you girl thank u for ur videos even tho u are a new n busy mama love your videos……

  17. Every makeup look you do always comes out gorgeous! Beautifully done!?

  18. You girl always so beatifulllll ????

  19. Cómo se llama la primera paleta?

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