Tulip Flower Nail Art

I am loving all the beautiful tulips that are blooming here in my neighborhood this week. I decided to create a cute and easy design for you that only requires regular colored nail polish (I chose red and yellow) and a black striper.


  1. This reminded me of stained-glass church windows, which means you need to do a stained-glass church window nail tutorial!

  2. Haha +ella p. Ik kom ook uit nederland

  3. You're a sad loser. See how that feels?

  4. wondering if anyone knows some good tricks to keeping hands steady when painting? I have a problem where I shake and it makes it way too hard to do even simple designs.

  5. Omg !! You are soo great !!! Can you PLEAAASSSE make Legend of Zelda nails ???

  6. Why don't u make a video there u show your self?

  7. U r amazing. I love your work!!!

  8. She sounds like a seagull when she says "line".

  9. i am doing those nails right now but I used purple and pale pink

  10. wow im gonna try this i luv cutepolish easy and so beautiful 🙂

  11. Can you please show us your nailpolish collection? X

  12. Obvious i suck at niall art. I can even make it 🙁 x

  13. This is cute design but How the hell do I make it pointy at the top it's making me angry I keep trying

  14. your voice is sooo calm…i cant imagine you ever getting angry…

  15. My land is famous for there tulips

  16. Do you do the design on someone else's hand? Im confused on how the nail is facing that way if you're painting your own haha(:

  17. When i go to the tulip festival, I'll do these FOR SURE!

  18. This was uploaded on my birthday!

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