Tumblr Inspired Lookbook || Roxxsaurus

Hey guys! here’s a few outfits I put together inspired by TUMBLR, hope you enjoy!! -Roxi

|| O U T F I T D E T A I L S ||

  • *outfit1*
    Dress – OASAP
    Floppy Hat – Topshop
    Bag – Vida Vida
    Shoes – Zara
  • *outfit2*
    Shirt – H&M
    Playsuit – OASAP
    Bag – OASAP
    Shoes – Topshop
    Bowler Hat – Ebay
  • *outfit3*
    Two piece – OASAP
    Blazer – Primark
    Shoes – Choies
  • *outfit4*
    Basic tank top – New Look
    Tartan Blouse – OASAP
    Jeans – Topshop Mom Jeans
    Shoes – Dr Martens
    Glasses – Choies

O U T F I T D E T A I L S :

  1. Shirt – Thrifted
    Jeans – Topshop Joni
    Chelsea Boots – Zara
    Bag – Thrifted
    Sunglasses -Quay
  2. Shirt – Topshop
    Jeans – Topshop Joni
    Floppy Hat – Topshop
    Shoes – Topshop
    Bag – Poland
  3. Dress – Topshop
    Shoes – TKMAXX
    Bag – Poland


  1. Dlaczego ten film jest niedostępny???

  2. Your style is so inspiring love it

  3. Can you take your hair routine and what is your hair color here?

  4. rip self esteem haha, ur so gorgeous

  5. at first i thought you were gosia joanna then hhaha

  6. All outfits are just Perfect ! Luv your Style ♥♥

  7. Why is this clip not available to me??? I really want to see it!??

  8. You remind me of Abbey Lee Kershaw 🙂

  9. what are the style of your glasses called i'm in LOVEE

  10. Love love love your hair colour! The looks were great 🙂 xx

  11. You're really pretty and I love your videos and in some angles you remind me of the model Gigi Hadid

  12. I've just found your channel and ITS AMAZING AjDJGKKFNDDAdhj ?

  13. She reminds me so much of gxsia?

  14. your hair looks so healthy oh my god

  15. Can you do a lookbook inspired by Violet Harmon from murder house? ❤️❤️xx

  16. You're amazing! Does that website, OASAP, take a lot of weeks to send the clothes?

  17. You are so beautiful!! You have amazing style!

  18. Can you pleasssseeee do a video on how you do your hair? Your hair looks so effortless, and I wanna know if you have any styling tips or tricks

  19. Omg ?? your amazing, and seriously become a vogue model, cause your fab??

  20. Yaas! I'm so so so happy that I've found you're channel gurl

  21. I'm not sure if you've been asked this before because I'm new to your videos ,but where did you get your wallpaper? It's exactly what I've been looking for!

  22. omg I'm obsessed with the glasses in the last outfit! I can't find them on Choies…help!

  23. You're so freakin amazing. 
    I love you so so so much

  24. i would like to order the two piece but i'm not sure about the size. Which size did u get? Ur body looks similar to mine 🙂 it would help me!

  25. Could u please do a Draw My Life video?

  26. I would love to see your ring collection! You have such a nice fashion

  27. Your so pretty and are very nice xxxxxx

  28. What's the app? sorry didn't get it. :< and girrrl, you are flawless. I love love love you

  29. What is your username on Stylekick?

  30. Can you make a video on your Workout routine? And a video on hair care?

  31. You're really amazing! I'm in love with your hair, style, eyeliner(it's important ?) so if I can't buy all of these am I not so stylish?

  32. You should do a hair tutorial of you haven't already

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