TURKEY VLOG – Why you should visit Mugla!

Hey Cuties ♡ Thank you for watching today’s video. As you can see it’s a different video then normally. It’s a vlog of my trip to Turkey(Mugla) last week. I really enjoyed seeing different places. We went to Bodrum, Marmaris and fetiye. I personally would love to go to Feiteye because of how gorgeous the nature is.
Let me know in the comments if you have ever been to Turkey? And what’s your favorite place. If you haven’t been to b turkey where would you like to go? ?

I haven’t vlogged for almost a year so please take it easy on me haha. I hope to vlog a bit more this year if you enjoy watching these. For any feedback let me know! Do you want more personal moments? More shots of the places we visit? or is it just fine as it is? ♡ Love you guys! Xxx An

Places we visited:

Day 1. Bodrum

Day 2. Bodrum

  • We went to the centrum of Bodrum to buy some accessories.
  • Walked along the bay to look at the amazing sea view.
  • Stopped at a place called Bodrum Limani (next to the drive way) where you could see everything of Bodrum. They say if you haven’t stopped at that place you haven’t really seen Bodrum.

Day 3. Marmaris

  • On our way to Marmaris we visited a restaurant in the middle of nowhere. It was such a nice calming place and the people were very friendly. The restaurant is called:
  • At night we had a welcome cocktail at the Sentido orka lotus beach which we stayed at.

Day 4. Marmaris

  • We visited the Gold center(not showed in vlog because it’s a private place) Its a place where they make diamonds and jewelry. It was quite interesting to hear what they told us. For example I did not know that a diamond is the hardest material in the world.
  • In the afternoon we rent a jetski at the beach which was a amazing experience.
  • At night we watched the karaoke at the Green Nature Diamond hotel we stayed at.

Day 5: Dalya and Fetiye

  • We had a boat trip on the Dalya River which lead us to the Cleopatra mud baths.
  • We had lunch at a restaurant called denizkızı
  • We met de owner of Orka hotels and they showed is one of their first hotels they started in Fetiye. Also they showed us their ” Orka Homes ” which are beautiful Vilas which you can buy.
  • At night we got all dressed up for a dinner at the Orka Sun life hotel

Day 6. Fetiye

  • We went to see the blue lagoon which is so incredibly beautiful. I would love to go back there. Oludeniz Beach is the place we were at.
  • We went on a yacht. The one we stayed at is by Alesta Yachting.
  • At night we had our last diner together at the Rixos Premium Gocekhotel which is a beautiful hotel for Adults.

Hotels we stayed at:

  • Bodrum: day 1 and 2. Royal Asarlik Beach hotel & spa
  • Marmaris: day 3. Sentido orka lotus beach (My favorite)
  • day 4. Green nature hotel Diamond
  • Fetiye: day 5. Orka sun life hotel