Turquoise Purple & Gold Smokey Eye | Jaclyn Hill

Here’s how to create a smokey eye look featuring bold turquoise, purple and gold eyeshadow colors.

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  1. God, you look so good without makeup

  2. This look on u is gorgeous. Love it!

  3. I’m late in the game( I’m older) I see 5 million subscribers! Congratulations!

  4. Jaclyn Hill is by far my favorite youtuber. So funny, so beautiful

  5. I recreated this look yesterday, using only your palette! I got soooo many compliments! thank youuu lady ???

  6. Who has recreated this look using the Jaclyn pallet?! ❤️❤️

  7. jaclyn what even was that face you made lol after you said get back in your hole. i replayed that like 5 times

  8. Honestly it looks a little like you just picked three random colours and tried to make a look with it no hate love you and your pallet

  9. Come back to us ! I want this back i want videos more then once a month i want your over happy goofy self . We all miss this and miss you

  10. Please do more color looks like this

  11. Oldie but GOODIE!! I love love LOVE this look, and love when you get creative!

  12. What is the large powder brush that you use?

  13. anyone catch what the lip color was?

  14. I can’t stop looking at how perfect her lips are ??

  15. I wish you guys would give back. Instagram MUA tend to forget where they come from. I get it you guys are busy but i reached out to you as well as others to give words of encouragement to a group of active duty member and spouses and others who serve in the community on our fb page "Slayed by those who Serve" and nothing. It's sad because all of these members are big fans and follow you guys and we can't even get a hey. I'm happy for you and I hope this message gets to you. Never forget who helped you get to the top. THE FANS. Have a blessed day.

  16. Hey Jaclyn what was the metal brush you were using?

  17. The queen of the smokey eye.??✨✨

  18. I love this look!!!!

  19. I've noticed you have redness to your skin. Can you do an updated skin routine please? I also have redness and I struggle with finding inexpensive things for my face. Thank you

  20. Ur brilliant Jaclyn I love ur personality xx

  21. Currently watching this video and using your palette to recreate it ?

  22. I lovvveeee you so much Jaclyn. You are so beautiful and you inspire me so much. I enjoy watching your videos so much and I learn so many different tips and tricks for applying makeup, going out of my comfort zone. I can't thank you enough for what you have done for me so far. Just watching your videos makes my day. May God bless you and your husband this year and the years to follow. -susan?

  23. what is the name of the spray you used on your brush with the gold tone please?

  24. you are simply stunning!! cant wait to try this tutorial ty! x

  25. @jaclynhill where’s ur top from xx

  26. Also your ring is so gorgeous!

  27. "We don't want it to be like "BLUE GOLD PURPLE" ??

  28. she complimented every single product she used except for kylie’s blush that she applied at 16:30 ? she seemed so annoyed w/ it

  29. Girl I love you, you are so ? fun and silly , I feel like we're friends ??????

  30. That turquoise color brings out the color of your eyes beautiful!

  31. Omg not every done watching yet but this brings back the way I used to do my eyeshadow when I was a teenager… Oh this look is bringing me back lol love it girl!!

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