Tweexy Wearable Polish Holder Review & Demo

How smart is this idea? I seriously love this product since it makes polishing easier since I don’t have to worry about where to place my bottle and have it spill polish everywhere! Plus, I tend to polish standing up a lot, so this definitely comes in handy!


  1. I need becuz my hands are shakey and I always spill the polish that's why

  2. I need a tweexy because I travel a lot and I need to do my nails for the next day.

  3. yeah! I got the green one!! I ordered it online; ) love it!! 🙂
    loved the video!!

  4. i need twixie because I always mess up on my nails

  5. It totally sucks that I am like months late for this! I'm a stay at home mom of a 9 year old that has friends in and out of the house all day everyday. Plus, we have six CRAZY cats that just love to attack mommy when I'm sitting at the table to do my nails. Haha!

    Congratulations to all the winners though! Lemme know how you like it. (if you see this ?)

  6. What nailpolish do you use here? Where can i buy it?

  7. I need tweexi because I always knock over my nail polish bottle every time?

  8. I need a Tweeix because when ever I paint my nails it's hard for me to paint my left hand and when I try to paint it all the Nail polish spills.☹️??

  9. I need a tweexy because I don't have any flat surfaces at my house and it will help me with better control.

  10. I need tweexy because I am a future cosmetologist and of course a make up, hair and nail lover! I have been dying to try this product but as a college student and mom can't afford to purchase. best wishes! xoxo

  11. I didn't realize the blue one has sparkles. ☺️ I have the mint one. Love it!

  12. I need tweecksy becase I am so bad at nail art and I have so much nail polish and my sis and me share nail polish

  13. I need tweexi because most of the time I ruin my nails by holding the bottle inappropriate and most of the time Iam in a hurry that I have to paint my nails in the car and I have spilt the polish and ruined my nails because i cannot hold the bottle properly and i most of the time spill the polish in my car and i spilt it thrice on my bed

  14. Hannah, how much do these things cost?

  15. I need Tweexy, because a lot of times my bottles tip over and it would be perfect to have! Btw I LOVE<3 Your videos! And sometimes I do my nails at places I go so it would be perfect.

  16. This product is really cool! Hannah, do you use natural nail polish?

  17. I need tweexy because I'm going on a trip in pa in a car and it will spill

  18. Wow… Thats the dumbest thing Ive ever seen lol

  19. I need tweexi because I'm always on the go and in need of this to let me apply my polish better.

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