Twisted Rope Braid Ponytail for Back to School


  1. why are you doing anything to make it look effortless

  2. I like classic, but I really love that scrunchy??

  3. Thanks so much for this video this one of the hairstyles that worked for my type of hair , so thanks so much . Instead of the twist at the end I did a backwards braid / Dutch . ☺️☺️☺️?

  4. i tried it it only takes 2 min but i have short hair 😛

  5. this covers sticking out ears perfectly! (:

  6. Espectacular me encantan tus peinados muy libres 

  7. How will a side bun of rope braid look like? I think it'll be nice 🙂

  8. Omg. I love you!! Thanks for your beautiful and unique tutorials !! <3

  9. 90's all the way! You could totally wear this hair/outfit while chatting up Jordan Castalano 😉

  10. Can someone tell me where that hairbrush is from? I love it!

  11. That looks great on you, and you have very nice hair!

  12. Oh my word! I'm so classic, the 90's did NOT look good on me at all!!! LOL

  13. Damn, i miss my long hair now:(

  14. I love this! I'm definitely a good mix of 90's and classic 🙂

  15. Love this look. Definitely the classic look for me.

  16. I hate anything 90's. I get anxiety when I see inspired stuff from the 90's at the mall, ha ha.

  17. Could you do some hairstyles for curly hair

  18. I love this hairstyle, especially styled with the second outfit look!

  19. I love this hairstyle, especially styled with the second outfit look!

  20. classic but sometimes 90's

  21. Ugh I'm really regretting having bangs now 🙁

  22. Could you please try some short hair hairstyles? (By short I mean shoulder length and lots of layers) I love your hairstyles and I used to do them routinely, I absolutely loved it, but I have chopped my hair off to donate and can't seem to manage any hairstyle other than just pinning up my hair to make a simple half up do.. So it would be awesome if you could maybe do something for us shorter-haired girls.. Please?? Thanks. Either way, you have the most gorgeous hairstyles!

  23. Very pretty I am going to try it soon

  24. Thanks Kayley this one's really pretty!

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