2 Way Dotting Tool

A dotting tool is not a brush obviously, but it is widely used in the nail art world. Usually, it is two-sided with different-sized rounded tips on each side. The thing is that the size of a dotting tool plays a vital role in the creation of a certain design, sometimes you can use different sizes to make your nail art look even more intricate.

You can easily create a fab floral design at home with the help of a medium sized dotting tool, all you need to do is to arrange the dot is a shape that reminds a flower – that is it. Or, you can easily use the variety of dotting tools to come up with a bright different-sized and colored rainbow design, as easily. Though, you can use your dotting tools not only for the creation of precise, round shapes you can also use it for the creation of other shapes, like the ones in the animal print nail art design.

2 Way Dotting Tool picture 1

2 Way Dotting Tool picture 2

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Round Nail Brush

Round nail brush is probably the most used one and the easiest to use because usually it is used when you are just applying your nail polish on. But there are some exceptions you should know about. How do you think all those acrylic 3-D nail art prints are created? That is right – with the help of a round brush. Do not worry if you are not that good at 3-D nail art if you have such a brush you can also use it for the creation of other painted designs. The thing is that when you need something really small to draw this brush won’t be the best choice, but for all the larger prints it is simply great!

Round Brush picture 1

Round Brush picture 2

Round Brush picture 3

Striper (or Liner) Brush

It is easy to guess by the name what this nail brush is used for. The liner or striper brush is thin, and that is why it is easy to use it for the creation of various lines and stripes. But you need to be aware of the fact that striper brushes are also of different size and length, depending on the size of a line you want to create and on the length of your nail you should be able to choose your perfect liner brush. But, apart from the lines, striper brushes can be easily used for various detailed patterns and designs. Look at the designs presented here and get inspired to use your striper brush!

Striper or Liner Brush picture 1

Flat Nail Brush

Flat brushes are also different-sized, but their primary purpose is to create one-stroked patterns mostly. Sometimes they can be used for the creation of a solid color coat on the nails, but in most cases, they are used to create different-shaded patters, mostly floral one, which is easy to come up with when you have such a brush at hand.

Fan Brush

The fan nail brush is one of the most multi-functional brushes ever. With the help of a fan brush, you can easily create ombre effects, different stroked patterns; you can also apply glitter to your design as well as get rid of excess glitter off your nail – all using same brush. Just imagine how many nail art ideas you can pull off with a single brush! In case you still do not have it – it is high time you rush to the store to get one!

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